What Is the Best VOIP App for Android?

With the revival of the ‘telephone voice over Internet protocol’ also known as ‘VoIP’ services, more people are discovering the advantages of making phone calls over the Internet rather than through traditional phone systems such as plain old telephone service (‘POTS’)(also referred to as ‘Plain Old Telephone System’ or ‘P.O.S.’).

Traditional phone systems such as POTS provide reasonably good service for making local calls, but if you want to make long-distance or international calls, then you will have to deal with spotty coverage and excessively long connection times, especially if you are calling elsewhere in the country or around the world. 

On the other hand, making calls over the Internet doesn’t require you to be in the same country as the person you are calling. With the right app, you can make high-quality calls from anywhere in the world.

The Various Types Of VoIP Apps

There are several different types of apps that you can use to make VoIP calls, and while all of them are highly compatible with each other, they also come with their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Below, we will discuss the various types of VoIP apps for Android, along with which one is the best.

Traditional Phone Apps

Do you miss making calls on your old phone system? Then you can use a traditional phone app to make VoIP calls on your tablet or laptop. There are a few traditional phone apps that you can try out, such as SquareTradeVoice, but they are best used in combination with your traditional phone system. If you are looking for an app that offers a smooth calling experience and crystal clear voice quality, then traditional phone apps are a perfect fit.

Free Trials For VoIP Apps

If you want to try out a VoIP app without spending a penny, then you can visit the app’s official website and look for a free trial offer. Some apps, such as Skype, offer free trials so you can test their functionality before purchasing the app. If none of the apps below suit your needs, then you can also check out SquareTradeVoice‘s website to see if they offer a free trial.


The simplest of all the traditional phone apps is SIMPLETALK. With this app, which is available for free on the Google Play Store, you can make calls using your phone number. You do not need to register for an account to use this app; all calls are immediately connected to another user without the need for any annoying authentication prompts.

SIMPLETALK is great for making calls to landline phones or other VoIP phones that you have connected to the Internet. Due to its simplistic design, this app is easily accessible and convenient to use. Since it is a free app, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. If you want to make calls using your cell phone, then you can do so by installing the SIMPLETALK app on your tablet or laptop and using your mobile phone as a WiFi hotspot.


If you want to make calls using your mobile phone, then you can download TELKOMVOIP. This app from Wind Mobile combines the simplicity of a traditional phone app with the convenience of using a WiFi connection to make calls. It is one of the few apps that support making calls over multiple networks, ensuring that you will always have a way to reach the person you are calling.

Like many other VoIP apps, TELKOMVOIP allows you to make calls using your cell phone’s GPS location rather than having to input the location manually. In addition, this app supports HD Voice and SIP Trunking, enhancing the quality of your phone call.


Skype, the market-leading VoIP app, is now available for Android. Being the most popular of the traditional phone apps makes it very accessible for the average user. Skype’s advantage is that it provides an excellent calling experience for free. In fact, the service is free until you make or receive a call. After that, you will need to purchase a premium account for continued use.

The best thing about Skype is that it offers a very modern and convenient user interface. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, chances are you will have no problem using Skype. If you are looking to make calls using your tablet or laptop, then you can download the Skype app from the Google Play Store. In addition, you can also use your mobile phone as a WiFi hotspot to connect to the Skype app.


We have already discussed the advantages of making calls through the SquareTradeVoice app in the context of traditional phone systems. One of the best VoIP apps for Android is SQUARETRUECONNECT, which is also reasonably priced at $2.99. This app offers what SquareTradeVoice already provides, along with the additional convenience of being able to make calls over multiple networks. To use this app, you must also have a SquareTradeVoice account. Once you are connected to the network you wish to use, you will see the person you are calling in the app’s ‘My Connections’ section.

Another app worth checking out is Polyphone, a VoIP app that supports making calls over multiple lines. You can use Polyphone with a cell phone or tablet that is connected to the Internet via WiFi. As a result, you will have the ability to make calls from anywhere in the world via WiFi. In addition, Polyphone has an embedded Google Map that shows the location of the person you are calling. This is extremely helpful if you are calling someone who is not in the same area code as you.


The last but not least on our list of the best VoIP apps for Android is VOCOIP. This app, which also costs just a couple of bucks, offers what it promises—simple, quick, and free calls. Although there are a few similar apps on the market, VOCOIP has differentiating factors that set it apart from the rest. For one, it is the only free app that you can use to call anyone, landline or mobile, without requiring an account. In addition, the app also supports making calls over multiple networks and it provides excellent call quality for such low prices.

As you can see, there are several different types of VoIP apps for Android. Some of them are free, while others, like TELKOMVOIP, cost a little bit of money. The price is reasonable for what you get, and it is likely that you will find that some of these app’s are worth the money. Just remember that, for the best experience, you should always use a VPN to protect your personal data when using the Internet, especially when calling internationally.

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