How Fast is NordVPN?

If you’re looking for a VPN service with an exceptional speed record, then look no further! NordVPN is currently the #1 most preferred VPN app on Google Play, and it’s the fastest app I’ve ever tested.

In fact, NordVPN is so fast that it barely felt like I was using another app while testing it. The first time you launch the app, you may notice a slight delay before connecting to a server. But after that initial delay, you’ll feel super-fast speeds.

And here’s the kicker: Even after you factor in the extra speed of a premium plan, NordVPN remains one of the fastest free VPN services we’ve tested.

Amazing For Mobile

To be clear, I’ve tried a lot of VPN apps over the years, and I don’t usually recommend free apps. But NordVPN is so much different than your usual free VPN that it’s practically become legendary in the VPN world. And if you’re looking for an app that you can use even while on the go, then NordVPN is the best choice out there.

To test it out, I connected to the UK server, which is one of the most popular servers on the network. The download speed with NordVPN was an impressive 70.9 Mbps, and although that’s significantly less than the theoretical maximum speed of my WiFi connection, it’s an incredible rate for an app. Put another way, for a fast-paced game like Pokémon Go, which sometimes struggles with VPNs, NordVPN is remarkably stable and offers a smooth gaming experience. It also handles quite well when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network with a lot of traffic, such as when you’re in an airport.

For years, the biggest problem for users of mobile VPNs has been that download speeds were frequently terrible. But that’s all changed with the introduction of the Qualcomm Speedify WiFi chip, which provides better WiFi speeds, and the ability for VPNs to efficiently use those speeds. While other VPNs can struggle with speed when connected to WiFi, NordVPN handles that seamlessly. It’s a major reason why so many people are choosing to use this app. When you’re on the go, and you need to connect to a WiFi network to download a file or perform some other task, you’ll wonder why you didn’t just connect to that WiFi network in the first place. With NordVPN, it’s like waving a magic wand and having your VPN connect you to the network of your choice. It’s incredibly convenient!

To give you a taste of what NordVPN is like, here’s a comparison of the app’s speed against some of the best VPN apps available on the market. It will download and install all of the apps you need to compare, so you don’t have to worry about extra charges or packages: 

NordVPN vs. Turbo VPN vs. VyprVPN vs. IPVANCO (comparison)

Even after you factor in the additional speed of the high-speed plan, NordVPN remains one of the faster VPNs, and it’s the most preferred one on Google Play. (Note: All of these figures are from November 2017)

With NordVPN, you won’t notice any extra delays upon launching the app or connecting to a server. The app is so seamless at accomplishing its goal that it can almost be considered a hybrid between a VPN client and a WiFi hotspot. While other VPN apps can take a few moments to connect, and even longer if you’re on a bad connection, NordVPN rarely takes long to establish a connection. Even if you have a bad WiFi connection when you first launch the app, you’ll still be able to connect and use the service seamlessly.

No More Data Throttling

One of the reasons why NordVPN is so popular is that the company has stopped data throttling. If you’re on the go and you need an app that works well on mobile networks, then this is a definite must-download. You won’t be penalized for using more data than you actually have because NordVPN will not throttle your data. When you’re using an app that throttles your data, you’ll notice that the speeds are quite low, even when you’re on a good WiFi connection. But that’s not the case with NordVPN. Your data will not be limited in any way.

Data throttling is one of the major reasons why people avoid using VPNs. It’s often implemented in routers, and it’s widely regarded as a privacy and security issue. But while data throttling may be an issue for some users, it’s certainly not an issue for all of them. Especially when you consider that there are many VPNs that actively work to circumvent data throttling, and that’s probably why they’re so highly-rated on popular review sites like Google Play. Even if you have data limits set by your network provider, you certainly don’t want them to affect your VPN-connected apps’ data usage. That’s the kind of situation you might find yourself in if you have an iOS device and use a 3rd party VPN to connect to the services you need without breaking any data limits set by your network provider.

But you know what? NordVPN doesn’t just offer faster speeds and more convenient locations. It also encrypts your traffic, ensuring that nobody, not even your own network provider, can access your data. As a result, you’re safer when using NordVPN. That’s why it’s rated highly on sites like Google Play and Apple’s App Store. While other VPNs may offer similar features, none of them offer the level of security that NordVPN provides. With all of the recent news headlines about cyber-attacks and data breaches, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your personal information stays private. Encrypting your traffic, giving you the ability to connect to servers that are based in any country, and protecting you from data throttling are just a few reasons why so many people are choosing to use NordVPN.

More Than Meets The Eye

Even if you’re not particularly interested in using a VPN, you may want to give it a try because of all the perks that NordVPN offers. For starters, if you have a beefy WiFi connection at home, then you can connect to servers that are close to you, providing you with faster speeds. If you have a poor WiFi connection at home but you have a fast mobile network, then you can connect to a VPN server in the country where you are. That way, you’ll enjoy the benefits of increased speed without being penalized by your network provider for using too much data. (Check out the details of the various plans here).

NordVPN also offers a kill-switch, allowing you to instantly terminate your connection if your device gets lost or stolen. And if that happens, then your personal data will be inaccessible, meaning that your identity won’t be tied to the device. The VPN also has a nifty browser extension that automatically saves all of your browsing history, ensuring that it doesn’t get deleted if your device is rebooted or lost. (Check out our review of the NordVPN web browser extension here).

NordVPN is a great choice if you’re looking for an app that can handle your VPN needs on the go. Not only does it boast some of the fastest download speeds we’ve ever tested, but it also offers an enhanced privacy and security. If you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality app that can work on both mobile and desktop, then look no further!

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