How Sage Is Avira Phantom VPN?

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re already familiar with Sage and its flagship product, the Vault. As the name suggests, the company’s namesake cloud-based data manager is all about security and privacy — offering strong encryption and anonymization to keep your data safe and secure. In the event you’re not, now’s a good opportunity to learn more.

An Outstanding VPN Product

When it comes to VPNs, I think we all agree that the bar has been set pretty high. After all, just try hopping on any website or opening an email attachment without first having a VPN, malware, or ransomware installed on your computer.

But even still, there are lesser known brands that continue to impress and innovate — and one of those brands happens to be Avira. Not only is the company responsible for the incredibly popular and effective Avira Phantom VPN, but it also created the popular free VPN service TorguVPN. In fact, Avira’s VPN is so good that the company has even been known to license and integrate its encryption technology into the products of other software vendors.

While the list of features associated with Avira’s Phantom VPN is somewhat lengthy, let’s not forget about the most important ones. First off, the software is incredibly secure. As the name would suggest, the product uses a novel layer of security called “zero knowledge VPNs” that requires no server-side knowledge or configuration. In other words, zero knowledge means that the user’s data remains safe and private at all times. As long as they’re using the VPN, all of their browsing activity is encrypted — further enhancing security and privacy. Plus, the product is lightning fast, allowing for incredibly seamless and painless connecting to sensitive networks or sensitive content wherever you might want to go.

More Than Meets The Eye

To further enhance security and privacy, the software uses a unique “stealth mode” that makes it virtually undetectable — even when you’re using a VPN. So while you might be able to see the traditional green dots that indicate you’re connected to a VPN, those dots are actually hiding a sophisticated tracking mechanism that helps the software identify your activity. And as if that weren’t enough, the product also has a special VPN kill switch that allows you to stop all of the encryption should your computer ever crash or become infected by malware. Simply restart your device and the VPN is back up and running without a single keystroke.

On the subject of keys, let’s discuss the fact that strong encryption and security are both important and what they mean. As you’d imagine, using strong encryption means that only the actual recipient of a message or document can read it. So while anyone else might be able to see the content, they won’t be able to make any sense of it. Similarly, strong security means that only the intended recipient can read the content of a message or document — even if they are completely transparent. So if you’re sharing sensitive documents or conducting sensitive communications using electronic means, strong encryption and security are both paramount.

An All-Rounders Paradise

If security and privacy are a concern, you might want to consider Avira’s broader line of products. Specifically, the company’s popular parental control software, Guarddog, offers comprehensive parental controls, application protection, and adblocking capabilities. So not only does it protect your children from inappropriate content, but it also makes Netflix and TikTok much less of a temptation — especially when you know that everything from social media accounts to emails are under the radar thanks to the product’s multi-function VPN.

Speaking of which, let’s not forget about the fact that Avira is highly customizable. From a users’ standpoint, this means that you can set controls for how the software behaves, what data it collects, and of course, how it looks. And as a result, the software is incredibly easy to use even for those who are somewhat unfamiliar with technology. Plus, the company’s support team is available via chat, email, and phone — so you’re covered should you run into any problems.

Ultimately, Sage is one of the best VPN providers in the industry. Its flagship product, the Vault, is a great all-around tool for security and privacy — offering strong encryption, anonymization, and secure file download. So if you’re looking for a VPN that can keep your data private and safe, you can’t go wrong with Sage.

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