How to Create a VPN with Windows 10

Windows 10 has some great new features that make setting up a VPN a breeze. Let’s take a quick look at how you can set one up with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Step 1: Install the VPN server software

One of the great things about Windows 10 is that it comes with the server software already setup and ready to go. To connect to a VPN, just open the Windows Apps Store, search for VPN and install the free OpenVPN GUI client. You can connect via the Microsoft Azure, Apple, or Google servers.

The OpenVPN GUI client requires next to nothing in terms of system resources and doesn’t clutter up your desktop. Furthermore, the app connects you to only the most trusted VPN servers in the world, which offers you a great level of privacy and security.

Step 2: Create a VPN connection

Once you’ve installed the VPN GUI client, you’ll be presented with a small menu where you can select the VPN server you wish to connect to. After selecting your server, click on the Connect button to connect to the VPN and begin using it. You can exit the VPN app at any time by clicking on the disconnect button.

Step 3: Optionally, configure the VPN connection settings

Now that you’re connected to a VPN, you can configure a bunch of settings in the app to suit your needs. Some of these are quite standard such as enabling/disabling the L2TP/IPSec tunnelling protocols. However, you can also use the app to configure other great features including DNS servers, MTU, and more.

To start, click on the Settings button in the top right corner of the app and you’ll be presented with a menu of all available settings. You can configure these settings using the dropdown menus (as shown below).

Step 4: Enjoy your privacy!

Once you’ve configured your VPN connection settings the way you want them, you can click on the Start button to begin using the service. To log back in, just enter your username and password and you’re good to go.

A great thing about the VPN app is that it doesn’t just let you connect to a VPN server. It allows you to connect to any of the top tier VPN services in the world. This is great for security and privacy-conscious people who want to keep their personal data secure whilst surfing the web.

It’s pretty easy to use and sets up a VPN connection in a flash. If you’re looking for an easy way to secure your internet connection or just want to keep your personal data more private, I highly recommend checking out the Windows 10 VPN app.

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