How to End Your AVAST License Auto Renewal

For those of you who use Avast Virus Scanner for your home computer, you will soon learn that your license to use the software is about to expire. The good news is that you can easily extend your license for just another year! However, if you want to keep using the software beyond this point, you need to look into purchasing it. There are some cheaper alternatives from other software vendors that you may want to consider.

You have two options beyond this point. You can renew your license for another year at the discounted rate of $29.95, or you can purchase the full version of Avast Virus Scanner for $59.95. If you choose to extend your license for another year, you need to take into consideration that this will be an additional charge to your credit card. For more information on extensions, visit this web page.

Pay Attention To Upgrades

When your license is about to expire, you will receive an email from Avast notifying you of the upcoming renewal. At this point, you should take a few minutes to go through the upgraded list and make sure you have installed all the available patches and updates. The reason for this is that, with each new version, there are always some bugs that need to be ironed out, and some features that may not work properly. In most cases, these issues are squashed within a couple of days after the new version is released. So, by installing these updates and patches now, you will be sure that you are using the latest version of the software and that there are no malfunctions.

Look Into The Discounts

Just before the end of each year, Avast runs a special promotion where they will give you a discount if you purchase a certain time frame of the software or a specific version. Currently, if you purchase any version of Avast Virus Scanner before December 31, 2020 and use the coupon code STOCKHOLDER at checkout, you will get 25% off the license key. For more information on the discount terms and conditions, visit this web page.

Contact Support

Once you have your license key for Avast Virus Scanner, you can use the contact form on this website to reach out to support for help with setup, training, or just to report bugs. We have been using it for over two years and have not had any problems with it. So, if you run into any issues, feel free to post a question in the comments section below or send an email to We would be more than happy to assist you.

Learn About The Security Suite

In addition to the standalone version of Avast Virus Scanner, the software developer also offers a comprehensive security suite that bundles the software with other reputable security products and utilities. For example, if you use a VPN, you will get the VPN client as part of the suite. Or, if you download a reputable security plugin for your web browser, you will get that too. The important thing to note about this suite is that it integrates several different security products and protocols into one easy-to-use package. So, instead of having to run multiple applications to get the same functionality, you get it all in one convenient place. This is a huge advantage if you are already using a VPN or a security plugin for your web browser. You will not have to stop what you are doing to log in to different accounts to check your email or surf the web. Everything will be handled by the security suite for you.

Do Your Research

Last but not least, we wanted to mention the importance of doing some research before you buy anything. This is especially important if you are purchasing a product that you have never used before. In most cases, products from big brands like Avast will ship with detailed instructions that will walk you through the setup process. However, sometimes these docs can be a bit cryptic, and it is always a good idea to consult the manufacturer’s website for additional help. In most cases, the tech support is also available online, and you can usually find the answers to your questions there. So, instead of calling the phone number on the box and getting bounced around from one department to another, contact the company directly through their website or social media platforms and get the assistance you need promptly. This is also a good idea before you purchase any other products from the same vendor as well. In most cases, if you call the phone number on the box, you will get told that you have reached the wrong department and that the correct number can be found on the website or social media pages. So, instead of wasting your time with a long hold music, you can simply find the answer you need online and hang up quickly. This saves you both time and effort, and it shows that you took the trouble to find the answer yourself instead of just giving up because the operator could not help you. This is the kind of behavior you should expect from a reputable company, and it shows a lot of integrity. So, do your research and read reviews online before you buy, and you will enjoy a much better experience. This is also good practice for those who are buying their first virus scanner or are just getting started in the cybersecurity field. By familiarizing yourself with the products and the terminology associated with them, you will find the whole process a lot easier to understand and a lot less frustrating when things inevitably go wrong.

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