How to Set Up Vypr VPN for Wifi

If you use a public wi-fi hotspot at the coffee shop, hotel, or airport, you may encounter problems connecting to sites you want to visit because of the restrictive firewall policies protecting those hotspots. To get around these restrictions, you can use a tool like Vypr VPN to set up your computer to act as a firewall for your mobile browser.

What is Vypr VPN?

Vypr VPN is a free VPN app that allows you to connect to private and public wi-fi hotspots around the world. While the app itself is free, some servers may cost you money, depending on the country you are in. The app’s UI is simple and straightforward, and all its settings can be changed from the mobile browser:

  • Data Usage: You can limit the amount of data you use daily. For example, you can request only 1GB on a limited charge per day or use a more expensive plan without data limits. When you connect to a restricted network or encounter restricted content, you may see this message:

    This content requires you to upgrade your plan.

  • Payment Method (Optional): You can select from various payment methods, including PayPal or credit card payment. If you try to make a payment but the screen does not update, you may need to select this option and try again.

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