How to Tell a New Server on NordVPN for Tomato

NordVPN was one of the first VPN companies to offer a dedicated app for the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and they’ve stuck with what works for them. Not only does the app offer some excellent functionality, it also provides helpful tutorials if you’re new to the platform. We tested the app and found that the support was excellent, and we were able to connect to our chosen servers without any issues.

Setting Up the App

Like many other VPN apps, the NordVPN for Fire TV Stick setup is pretty simple. All you need to do is connect the app to your WiFi network and log in with the credentials you provided when you set up the app. The app then downloads and installs the necessary servers from the NordVPN network, so you can begin using the app as soon as it’s finished installing.

The Good

The main reason why we recommend this app is because of its excellent support. We tested the app by connecting to New York City’s VPN, which is one of the most popular servers on the platform. We were able to connect to this server without any issues, and it gave us fast and stable access to our favorite websites and apps.

The Bad

We have a few minor complaints about this app. Some users have reported that it can be a little buggy, especially if you have a lot of caching servers. They also say that when you restart the device after updating it via the app, you’ll have to login again. Since we were not able to replicate this issue, this is more of a user experience issue than a functional one. Finally, we’d like to see this app offer more servers, as it currently only provides access to New York City and a few other nearby areas. If you live outside of these regions, you won’t be able to access all of the content you’re looking for.

Overall, though, we still think that this app is worth it. Not only do you get fast and stable VPN access for free, but you also get helpful tutorials if you’re new to the platform.

Which One to Get?

You don’t need to have the Amazon Fire TV Stick to use this app, and we think that it’s best suited for users who already have the platform or devices compatible with it. If you do have access to the Amazon Fire TV Stick, we recommend downloading the NordVPN app and giving it a try.

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