How to Turn Off Proxy Express VPN

Proxy Express VPN is the popular choice for businesses that need to work remotely due to COVID-19, since it is super fast and offers decent encryption. But while it may be convenient to use, it’s not necessarily a good idea. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider turning off Proxy Express.

It Requires Root Access

Proxy Express VPN checks with the administrator every time it is launched, so there is no chance of your personal information being breached. However, if you are running it on a publicly accessible server, anyone with access to the server will also have access to your entire device. This means that if you are using the device for work, your employer may have access to your sensitive information. This violates the GDPR and is certainly a scary thought especially during these trying times. Another issue that you might face is battery life, since the app uses your device’s CPU and GPU to their maximum capacity. This also results in poor battery life.

It May Be Monitored By Third-Parties

Anything connected to the internet may be monitored by third parties, including your workplace. It is highly recommended that you only use public Wi-Fi for work-related activities, and even then, only when necessary. Since it is such a widely used app, it’s a pretty good bet that your employer may already be monitoring your activity, even when you’re on a private network. To make matters worse, if they suspect that you are engaging in illegal activity or simply want to hide your browsing history, they may request that the app provides them with your IP address. While in theory, you could always argue that you are not the one giving them the information, in practice it’s unavoidable since you have to use a public Wi-Fi to access the internet through the app. There is also the additional issue of the VPN provider agreeing to such a request without a court order or your consent.

It May Make You Vulnerable To Data Breaches

Another serious issue that you may encounter when using Proxy Express is the increasing likelihood of your data being leaked or hacked. Since it is such a widely used app, many cyber criminals may already have your account details in their databases, simply waiting for the right time to strike. As with many aspects of cybersecurity, there is no surefire way of knowing whether or not your data is safe, but you can take steps to minimize the risk. One good practice is to change your password regularly and make sure that you use a unique password for every account, especially for social media accounts that may be easily accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Another important step is to change your VPN settings frequently, as these are the very first lines of defense against any kind of attack, whether from a nation-state or individual hacker. If you use the same VPN settings on multiple devices, then making changes on one device will automatically be reflected on all other devices. Finally, make sure that you always use a strong, unique password and don’t use easily guessed or simple passwords. If you want to add an extra layer of security, then use a password manager that generates highly complex passwords, and don’t put these passwords into any of your accounts, especially the ones that you don’t need to access regularly.

The More You Use It, The More It Pushes To Get Your Attention

When you run an app on your phone, you are usually presented with a dashboard with all of the essential information, including the date, time, and notifications from others that you follow, related to that app. If you navigate to this page often enough, you will eventually start to notice a trend, and that is when you should try uninstalling the app. Since Proxy Express is a freemium app, this could potentially be a way for them to make money, by getting you to keep using the app and providing them with more personal information. One good practice is to only check for new messages when you need to and ignore the rest, as this is usually the behavior of a well-running app.

Poor Customer Support

While it is good that Proxy Express provides rapid service and decent security, these are the very reasons why you may encounter problems if you need customer support. Since the dashboard is often the first place customers come for help, you will more often than not end up wasting a lot of time with poorly-trained representatives, instead of getting the help you need. Another issue that you may encounter is that, even when you do reach a live person, the quality of the support can vary widely, from really good to absolutely awful. The main reason for this is that Proxy Express is a freemium app and they are likely using freelancers that are already overloaded with work, so they may not have the time to provide you with the best possible service. Finally, since this is a VPN, there is no such thing as a standard customer support phone number, and you may need to contact them via email, which can be frustrating, especially since emails often get bounced around and you need to keep re-writing your message to reach the person that you need to.

To conclude, if you need to work remotely during these trying times, then there are a number of excellent options available, including Wire, which is a secure and reputable VPN that you can try out for free before making a decision. Or if you need something that is a little less cumbersome, then you can try out Express VPN with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, which is an excellent choice for businesses.

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