Using NordVPN on the Firestick

For years, if you wanted to watch a movie or download some content, you would either need to pay through the nose for Netflix or go to a movie theatre and pay through the nose for that as well. But times have changed and so has your ability to consume media as easily as you could a few years back. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can now subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix and instantly have access to a huge library of movies and TV shows.

While Netflix and other traditional services are perfectly suitable for when you want to casually pop in a movie or TV show while catching up on some work, there is also a place for more passive forms of entertainment.

Blockbusters On Demand

These are the movies and TV shows that you and I would go to the cinema to see in the first place. We might rent or buy them when they are released, but often we wait until they are on demand before we watch them. These are the movies and TV shows that entertain us the most when we are on the couch, binge-watching on demand.

Thankfully, now that we have services like Netflix and others that specialize in blockbusters, it is much easier and more convenient to access these movies and shows whenever we want, wherever we want. We might still pay a bit more than we would for a cinema ticket, but at least we are not paying per minute this way.

Get It All In One Place

Speaking of convenience, one of the biggest pluses of a service like Netflix is that it provides a one-stop-shop for movie watching. Let’s say you want to watch the latest Marvel movie, but you have also heard that the latest season of Game of Thrones is one of the best ever. With Netflix, it’s simple enough to browse though their extensive catalogue, find the titles you are looking for, and play them on demand. Or, you can even look up showtimes and go see the show that day.

A Netflix For All Seasons

Another fantastic advantage of a service like Netflix is that it is available worldwide. You don’t necessarily have to be in Australia to use the services, you can connect from just about anywhere and enjoy all of Netflix’s content regardless of where you are located. And, if you don’t want to subscribe to Netflix, you can use a VPN to ensure that your ISP doesn’t detect that you are logging on from a different country and either throttle or block access to certain services or websites. It is a great opportunity for anyone who happens to be travelling abroad and wants to keep up with what is happening at home. Or, for those of us who are already abroad and want to catch up on some shows that we missed out on when they first came out.

Netflix Freed From The Walled Garden

Another great thing about Netflix is that it is a service that was built with the freedom of expression in mind. It was originally started as a DVD rental service, but it has evolved to provide content to users where they want it, when they want it. So, if you think that the films available through Netflix are over-shadowed by their TV show counterparts, there is always the option to buy a device like the Firestick and have Netflix instantly available on-demand. Or, if you are still deciding what to watch and want to know what other people are saying about a certain film or show, you can use a search engine to find reviews, discussion, and more.

In some instances, you might want to purchase a movie or show that is not available as part of your subscription package. If you want to watch Avengers: Endgame in 4K, for example, you will have to purchase it yourself from the Netflix website directly, as there are no standalone 4K discs available yet. But, you will not have to worry about this if you are using a VPN. As long as you are within the VPN’s acceptable use policy, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want, and on whatever device you want. Your ISP and government agencies will have no idea what you are doing.

More Than Just Movies

Besides movies and TV shows, which are undoubtedly the most popular content on Netflix, the U.S. based streaming service also provides users with a large collection of podcasts, documentaries, and other forms of content across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. And, for the more digitally-inclined, you can even download TV shows and movies to watch later on a pc, mobile, or tablet.

While Netflix is undoubtedly the king of streaming, it is important to keep in mind that not all entertainment is created equal. The service is excellent but also very limited in what it offers, especially now that many people have adopted smart phones and tablets as their preferred method of entertainment. There are still plenty of things that you can do on a small screen that you cannot do on a big one, like watching a movie or playing games comfortably. This brings us to our next point…

Game On

If you have a console at home and are thinking about turning it on, there is also an excellent option available. Many game consoles now provide access to online games thanks to services like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. This option gives you the ability to play games online as well as on discs and other devices. If you have an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, you can use their respective consoles to log in to these services and download games, or you can use a third party service like NordVPN to connect to these networks and play from anywhere. Whether you are playing on a console or using a mobile device, playing games online has never been easier. And, at the end of the day, who doesn’t like to play games?

A VPN For All Phones

For years, it has been possible to use a VPN app on Android and iOS devices to secure your personal data when you are online. These apps use encryption to ensure that third parties (such as ISPs) cannot intercept and view your data as it travels to and from your device. While the technology is not exactly the same as what is available on desktop or larger devices, it is still highly advisable to secure your personal data on the go. Just make sure that you are not doing so in a manner that is against the law where you are (e.g. Spain and Portugal).

Nowadays, it is easy to find a VPN that supports multiple platforms. So, if you own an Android or iOS device, you can use a VPN app to connect to the internet and secure your data wherever you go. These apps also allow you to log on to Netflix and other services through a simple and secure interface. In most instances, you won’t even need to enter your login credentials, the app will automatically connect you.

Choose Your Own Entertainment

For those who want to have more control over their entertainment, it is time to play the role of the general contractor and build your own movie theatre. With services like Netflix, you can now choose the shows and movies you want to see, when you want to see them. So, if you don’t like what is available, you can make your own list of favorite TV shows and movies and use that as a basis for your selections. When it comes to Netflix, this is usually the best option as you can find literally everything on there that you could possibly want to watch. There are also shows and movies available that you won’t find anywhere else. So, as you can see, there are many ways to enjoy entertainment in the modern world.

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