How to Use NordVPN to Hide Your Internet Activity from Your ISP

I recently tried out and was pretty impressed with what they offer. I actually ordered their NordVPN Plus Pro product which is an annual subscription (for more details, click here).

One of the things I love about NordVPN is that they allow you to keep your actual IP address hidden when you use their services. Normally, when you use a VPN to hide your internet activity, services like NordVPN will assign you a VPN IP address (I use IPVanish, but you can use any VPN service) that is used instead of your real IP address. That way, if someone tries to track your activity, they will see the IP address associated with the VPN instead of your personal one.

With your VPN IP address, your activity is totally anonymous and untraceable. I tested this theory and was able to browse the web safely and completely anonymously. It was also really easy to setup and use.

Before I order the NordVPN Plus Pro product, I wanted to see if this was something that service offered for free. Sure enough, offers a free VPN service with ads to enhance your experience. While it will hide your internet activity, you will have to live with the ads in order to benefit from the service.

Is Using a VPN Necessary for Privacy and Anonymity?

In the grand scheme of things, the answer is yes. Like many other websites, uses some of the same methods as advertisers to collect data and track your activity as you browse the site. Your browsing activity is tracked and recorded, as well as the products you click on and the locations you visit.

However, using a VPN ensures that all of this data is concealed and untraceable. As long as you use reputable services like NordVPN, your activity is completely private and you are preventing advertisers and online trackers from collecting any of your data. Better yet, you are able to take advantage of the services offered by these companies, like fast servers, dedicated IPs, and more.

In addition, many VPN companies, like NordVPN and IPVanish, take the security of your personal information seriously and encrypt your connection to their servers. Your data is safe with them, and they will not share your information with anyone. Keep in mind that not all VPNs are created equal, and you should look for reputable companies with a good reputation.

How to Use NordVPN to Hide Your Internet Activity from Your ISP

With your personal data being so abundant these days, many people are looking for ways to protect it. One of the most effective ways of keeping your information private is through anonymization. Anonymization is the process of disguising your identity and removing all identifiable information from your personal data. It is usually carried out through the use of randomly assigned identifiers (commonly referred to as ‘anonymous identifiers’ or ‘pseudonyms’) so that your personal data cannot be identified directly or indirectly as being associated with a specific individual.

This method of concealment is incredibly useful in keeping your personal data safe, especially if you are looking to purchase goods and services online. If you are shopping online and feel worried about the security of your personal information, then perhaps look into purchasing goods and services from a country that you know is more privacy-friendly. In order to ensure the utmost safety and confidentiality of your data when using NordVPN, you should ensure the following:

  • Setup a dedicated VPN connection to their servers.
  • Only connect to public WiFi at hotspots that you know and trust.
  • Monitor and maintain regular backups of your data.
  • Disable your hardware and software (such as your internet gateway and wireless router) wireless capabilities when you are not using them.
  • Avoid connecting to unknown sources (such as those offered at coffee shops and other communal hotspots).
  • Consider purchasing a product that allows you to use a VPN app that is guaranteed to be free of malware and virus threats.
  • Use a VPN that is reputable, and whose servers you can trust.

With the ever-growing importance placed on data privacy and the huge amounts of data that we are generating these days, it is vital that we ensure that our personal information is well protected. Many personal data protection laws have been implemented across the world to ensure that our information is kept secure and private, and we can use VPN software to help ensure that this is always the case.

In modern life, we are often so busy that we do not have enough time to go through all the steps necessary to ensure our data is secure. This is why having a VPN app (on your phone, tablet, or computer) that you can easily use whenever and wherever you need to will prove to be an invaluable tool in keeping your personal data confidential.

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