How to Hide Your VPN on the Disney Plus App

If you’re reading this, I assume you have a vested interest in internet privacy. You want your personal data to be private and secure, and you don’t want the big tech companies to have your data either. You’re not alone in feeling this way, which is why we’re focusing on how to hide your VPN on the Disney Plus app today.

You might have heard that Disney Plus now offers a free VPN. This tool will encrypt your internet connection and secure your data while you’re online. It also gives you the option to obfuscate your identity online so they can’t track your activity. While the VPN is totally secure and undetectable, it’s still beneficial to know how to hide it on the Disney Plus app. Here’s how to do that.

Turn Off Your VPN

The first thing you need to do to hide your VPN on the Disney Plus app is to turn it off. To turn off the VPN on the Disney Plus app, simply navigate to Settings, scroll down and you’ll see a toggle for VPN. Once you turn off the VPN, it won’t be visible on the app, but it will still be able to secure your data.

Change The Appearance

Now that your VPN is no longer running, it’s time to change the appearance so it doesn’t stand out. First, navigate to Settings and scroll down until you see the Profile Picture option. Here, you can choose what you want your profile pic to be. You can use the standard profile pic, or you can download an image from the internet and use that instead. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can take a picture of your face and use that instead. It’s your choice!

Once you’ve changed your profile pic, navigate to the next tab and you’ll see a section called “Color”. Here, you can choose the colors for your text and icons on the app. You have a standard color choice of white, black, gray or colored dots. If you don’t want to use any colors, just choose the standard white options for text and icons. You can also download more wallpapers from the internet if you want to change the look of your device.

Disable Automatically Renewing Subscriptions

If you see a yearly fee for Disney Plus, you’re looking at a subscription that automatically renews every year. While this might be tempting to cancel, it’s a bad idea. The best course of action is to go through the steps below and turn off the auto-renew. You won’t have to worry about getting charged for a subscription that you don’t want in the first place, and you won’t be tracked online either.

To turn off the auto-renew on the Disney Plus app, navigate to the Settings tab. Next, scroll down to Subscription and click the option for Manage Subscriptions. Here, you can choose what type of billing you want, whether it’s weekly, every other week or monthly. Once you’ve made your selection, scroll down once more and click the option for Auto-Renew. Now, whenever you turn on the VPN on the device, the auto-renew will be disabled and you’ll be able to cancel anytime you want.

Remove The VPN Icon

Finally, once you’ve changed all the settings you want, it’s time to remove the VPN icon. To do this, navigate to the App Store and download the “Disney Plus” app from the App Store. Once it’s installed, go through the Settings and remove the VPN icon. Now, when you start the app, there won’t be an icon for VPN in the status bar at the top of the screen. You’re all done!

That’s all there is to hiding your VPN on the Disney Plus app. Just remember to turn off the VPN when you’re not using it and change the appearance of the icon so it doesn’t stand out. You’ll be able to enjoy your privacy when using the app, and you’ll even be able to stop tracking if you want. Now, whenever you use the app, you’ll know it’s protecting your privacy and security, which is what you want from a VPN anyway. So, don’t forget to try out the free VPN service on the Disney Plus app and see how easy it is to use.

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