How to Use Kodi to Watch PIA VPN

In our last article, we discussed the various apps and tools that you can use to download videos from pirate websites like YouTube and Netflix, but what about illegal streaming content? Can you still enjoy your Netflix account when you live in Italy and the content is geo-blocked? Sure you can, but you’ll need a Kodi based IPTV box to do so. Keep reading for the best advice on how to use Kodi to access PIA VPN.

The Good News

First, let’s address the good news. Thanks to copyright laws and the crackdown by content creators, services like Netflix and YouTube have become less attractive to pirates. The bad news is that those who want to consume illegal content usually find a way to do so. In most cases, this means going through a third-party site or service that is not only unlicensed but also carries the risk of malware and other internet-related dangers.

The Best VPN for Kodi

Many people use VPNs to protect their data and keep their identity private. While you may not need a VPN to browse the web or use popular apps like Spotify and WhatsApp, getting a VPN does have its perks. When you use a VPN to stream content, you usually need to choose a specific subscription plan based on your requirements. If you have a limited data plan, you will most likely want to select the free option while those who have more than 4GB will want to select the premium plan.

How to Use Kodi to Access PIA VPN

Now that you have your VPN, you can easily connect to the Internet through a strong encrypted connection. To access banned content with Kodi, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

The first step is to install the IPTV addon on your Kodi platform. If you use the standard Netflix app, you will need to install the Plex TurboTV addon, which is an unofficial derivative of the Netflix app. With both apps installed on your device, you will be able to access your PIA VPN account and watch content from any country. If you want to access local content, you will need to download and install the IP address of the country you are in.

Once you have installed the necessary apps, you can access your PIA VPN account and log in with your username and password. Doing so will route you through a quick verification process, after which you will be presented with a list of available servers. From here, it’s up to you which server you want to connect to. While most people will choose the United States server, you may want to try a different option. Remember, this is your personal VPN account and you are free to change your servers at any time.

More About Kodi

While using a VPN will greatly enhance your experience with Kodi, it is not a requirement. If you want to access pirate websites like Netflix and YouTube through the Kodi app, you can always do so by downloading the appropriate addon. Using a VPN is optional and, in most cases, not required to enjoy unblocked content.

The Bottom Line

Even though streaming content through VPNs is not officially supported by most ISPs, it is possible. With a little bit of ingenuity and flexibility, you can easily find a way to get around the blocks imposed by ISPs and enjoy your Netflix account from abroad. Of course, this option is not for the faint of heart as you will have to deal with the risk of malware and other internet-related dangers. But for those who want to enjoy unblocked content, VPNs are a great option and, thanks to increased government regulation and copyright laws, they are becoming more attractive to pirates as well.

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