How Many Devices Can You Run with NordVPN?

NordVPN is a popular choice for accessing private and public networks via the firewall of your choice. However, with such popularity comes questions about how many devices can you run on a single subscription and what type of usage is considered ‘normal’. In this article, we will discuss the limits that NordVPN places on the number of devices and daily bandwidth for each plan.

How Many Devices Can You Run with NordVPN?

Each plan from NordVPN allows you to run a certain number of devices. The basic plan allows for three devices to be used with a single account, while the Plus and Pro plans allow for five and ten devices to be used, respectively. When you run multiple devices on a single account, all of them will share the same bandwidth and daily limits. The only way to increase your limits is to contact customer support and ask for an upgrade. Keep in mind that every device that you use on the network will count toward your daily limit and some services, such as Netflix, can slow down your internet connection if you use a lot of bandwidth.

What Is the Daily Data Limit For Each Plan?

If you connect your computer, tablet, or mobile phone to the internet via a wireless connection and run a VPN, you will be met with a pop-up window that contains a warning about overuse. If you choose to continue using the internet on that device, you will be charged based on your chosen plan and daily data limit. You can find the details for the daily data limit by clicking on the “view details” button on the website.

You also need to know what type of data you are uploading and downloading on a daily basis. For instance, if you are mostly downloading files, you will consume a lot of data and run up against your daily limit quickly. Similarly, if you are uploading large files on a regular basis, you will quickly reach your limit as well.

What Type of Usage Is Considered ‘Normal’?

When you sign up for a NordVPN account, you will be presented with a “typical usage” disclaimer that states the following: “While we strive to ensure that all our service providers are competent and reliable, we cannot guarantee that they will be. We also cannot guarantee that other users will not abuse the service, as we cannot monitor all activity on the network.” In this case, “abuse” might include using the service to access illegal content or other dodgy websites, or using too much bandwidth.

However, this is all subject to change and based on your chosen plan. If you are on the basic plan and only need to run one device, you will not encounter any issues with bandwidth or limits due to the fact that it is a basic plan.

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