What Happened to Favorites in NordVPN?

When we last checked-in with the Favorites app, it was sporting some pretty big updates. A new icon makes it easy to spot the latest and greatest version, as does the big red button in the top right corner. But that’s only the beginning.

Here’s what else is new (or returning) in version 4.2.3:

Simple Login

The most basic and fundamental login for any website or app is a username and password. If you’ve been paying attention to the security space, you’ll know that we’ve been through a lot of acronyms and handshakes in the last year, with the most popular being OAuth, 2FA and, of course, SSO (single-sign-on).

To continue our SSO journey, the Favorites team has introduced Simple Login as a more secure and streamlined alternative to traditional logins. All you need to provide is a username and password, which they’ll then use to log you in to your Favorites account.

The great thing about Simple Login is that it remembers your settings for each website or app, so you don’t have to keep inputting your credentials over and over again. After you log in once with Simple Login, the next time you visit a site or app that uses it, you won’t need to log in again—the app will remember you.

Dark Mode

We all know that the sunniest months are reserved for outdoor activities and leisurely strolls through an English countryside, rather than sitting in front of a computer or smartphone screen. While the need for light is great when you’re outdoors, it doesn’t always serve those who work in dark rooms.

To address this, version 4.2.3 of Favorites adds a dark mode. Just toggle it on from the homepage (Settings > General Settings > Theme > Show Dark Mode when Lights Are Off), and you’ll immediately see the benefits.

With more and more people working from home, the lack of natural light in some areas of the house can be felt more than ever before. Even in a relatively well-lit room, with the sun streaming through multiple windows, it can be difficult for your eyes to adjust to the darkness once you lay down for sleep. A few dark mode settings could really make a difference in these situations, especially when paired with a good sleep mask.

Dark mode is just one of many features in Favorites that aim to make your daily tasks simpler and more enjoyable. If you need a brief break from the everyday grind, give it a try and see what makes this app special.


Speaking of grinds, many of us are barely keeping our heads above water as it is. Between rent, bills, and groceries, the last thing we need is another task to deal with. The best ways to save time and effort are by reusing tools and systems already within our reach—like, say, a cloud-hosted document repository or automated email responder.

The Favorites team took a cue from these tools, creating an autosave functionality. Just go to Settings > Documents, and you’ll see a document you’ve been working on saved in the background. Every couple of minutes, a new version of the document will appear, waiting to be uploaded to one of your cloud storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive). No more worrying about those crucial last few words or sentences—they’ll be there when you return to your document, complete with all the formatting and links you need.

Favorites is a special app because it focuses on productivity rather than recreation. If you’re looking for a quick break from the everyday grind or want to tackle some overdue tasks from the last century, give it a try.

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