Where Is NordVPN Based?

NordVPN, the Nordicity-owned VPN service, has always been somewhat of a mystery. While it was an early entrant in the VPN market and was among the first services to offer a no-logging policy, it has never been clear where exactly it is based. Since then, as the number and diversity of VPN providers has increased, so has our curiosity regarding this mystery service. After all, with so many different options available it’s important to understand where exactly you’re logging in from.

While it’s likely that NordVPN is based in several different countries, it most likely functions from a remote control center in one of them. This is because, as we mentioned, logging is restricted in most countries and, considering the scale at which NordVPN operates, it’s reasonable to assume that several data centers are hosting its services. This way, none of its customers will ever be without access to their data when they log in from a location that requires registration or a verified email address. In most cases, users will only need to provide a name and select a nearby location (such as city or state) to get logged in. This makes it much easier for the company to operate in countries where logging is not allowed and for its customers to feel comfortable while using the service. In total, NordVPN has operations in 94 countries.

What Makes NordVPN Special?

NordVPN is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting and innovative VPN providers in the industry. First off, it is the only company that completely disallows logging. Its entire infrastructure is designed to prevent any type of connection logging that could identify a user’s physical location. While this might not sound like a selling point, it’s one of the main reasons why so many people are interested in NordVPN. As a privacy-focused VPN service, we believe that total connection transparency is vital and, in today’s world, nobody can afford to operate in secrecy any longer. This is why we believe that NordVPN is so special and it’s clear that it has struck a chord with millions of people. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what makes this VPN service so unique.

No Logging Policy

As we mentioned, NordVPN totally disallows logging. So, while other VPN providers might keep a small data trail (usually related to their registration or the IPs of the users they’re protecting), the good people at NordVPN don’t keep any records of users’ activities. This means that even if they were compelled to provide evidence of a user’s identity (considering GDPR regulations or similar legislation in other industries), they wouldn’t be able to provide concrete details regarding what that user did or said while connected to their service. This might not seem like a major issue, but if you think about the countless scenarios in which logging could be useful, it becomes apparent that without it, NordVPN truly is operating in a vacuum. In our opinion, the complete absence of any connection logs is a significant point in favor of this service. While it might be tempting to assume that VPN providers who adopt this policy must be headquartered in relatively liberal countries, we think that this is far from the truth. After all, many of the companies which have adopted this approach have done so for privacy reasons, not because they believe it’s okay for businesses to spy on their customers. At this point, it’s safe to assume that even those countries in which VPN providers have no problem with connection logging (such as Thailand or China) are starting to feel the pressure from customers who want nothing to do with any form of surveillance.

Custom Designed

NordVPN is, above all else, unique for its custom-designed servers. While other VPN providers might use a VPN service provider’s hardware, the team at NordVPN is responsible for the setup of all of their servers. This way, they have full control over the infrastructure which allows them to guarantee a flawless user experience. The company states that its goal is to provide users with a perfect VPN experience at all times and they certainly seem to be achieving that goal. The fact that they can isolate any potential issues which might arise from their end and fix them quickly is nothing short of extraordinary. This kind of responsiveness is, we think, what makes everything else they offer — from their no-logging policy to their stellar security setup — shine so brightly.

Multi-Device Usage

Another incredible thing about NordVPN is how seamlessly they operate across all platforms. In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to use multiple devices. This is why we believe that multi-device usage is such a major selling point for this VPN service. It’s one thing to use a VPN on your main laptop or desktop computer, but it’s another to use it on a mobile device. And, while we’re on the topic, it’s also worth mentioning that NordVPN supports both Android and iOS devices. This means that, no matter what platform you use, you’re bound to find a way to enjoy the services provided by this VPN provider.

Free Open-Source Software (FOSS)

Speaking of mobile devices, it’s important to note that when we say the team at NordVPN uses open-source software, we mean it. For years, the VPN provider has been publishing their source code online, which means that developers around the world can study it and modify it as they see fit. This ensures that all users have a chance to benefit from any changes made and that the service remains on top of the latest trends and innovations. The more open-source software a company uses, the more flexible and future-proof it can be. And, considering the amount of effort and innovation that has gone into building NordVPN, we think it’s safe to assume that they’re using the very best software available. Again, this is a feature unique to this VPN service and something that makes it stand out above the rest.

Where Do I Sign Up?

One of the main reasons why so many people are interested in NordVPN is because it provides a fast and easy sign-up process. To get started, simply visit https://NordVPN.com and click the button that says, ‘Get Started’. From there, you’ll be taken to a landing page which will introduce you to the service and its pricing plans. Naturally, you’ll want the basic plan, which is completely free. All you have to do is enter your email address to get started and, once you confirm your email, you’ll be ready to download and install the app which will make it possible to connect to the service. In most cases, this will be a simple install which will take you less than 10 minutes. So, in summary, signing up with NordVPN is incredibly easy and you’ll have access to all of its features in no time.

Protecting My Privacy

Another area in which NordVPN shines is security. As we mentioned, much of what makes this service stand out is its policy of zero logging and its commitment to providing the best possible security for its users. To elaborate, the service keeps no records of its users’ activity and it uses industry-standard encryption (AES 256-bit on the TLS/SSL layer and 3DES MD5 on the application layer). All of this being said, it’s also important to understand that while security is a key feature of this service, it’s not the only one. One of the reasons why we chose to give it such high marks is because of its total dedication to user privacy. In most cases, users will have nothing to fear from cybercriminals, but, in the event that they’re being monitored, they’ll be happy to know that their online activities are being kept private and secure.

A Short History of NordVPN

If you want to know more about NordVPN and you’re curious about where it came from and why it chose to operate anonymously, you’ll find the answers to all of these questions within the pages of its website. To briefly recap, NordVPN was founded in 2014 and is based out of Sweden. The company offers a free version of its service with limited features along with paid plans which add a variety of extra features. Naturally, all of this is completely transparent and detailed on its website. So, if you’re looking for a short and sweet history of NordVPN, we’d recommend that you head over there and read up.

The Bottom Line

In light of all that we’ve discussed, it’s clear that NordVPN is a truly remarkable service. While many companies provide the basics of a VPN experience, it is often the companies which offer the most in terms of privacy and flexibility which stand out above the rest. With the number of providers willing to provide this level of service increasing each and every year, it’s clear that NordVPN is setting the bar pretty high.

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