On NordVPN: What Settings to Use to Watch Blackout Games

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services out there, and with good reason. Not only do they offer some of the best features for unblocking content, they also have some great plans for gamers. For as little as $2.49 / month, you can become a Sports, Movies, or Music fanatic and access hundreds of popular titles with no restrictions.

Sign Up

To get started, visit https://nordvpn.com/ and click the sign up button to get the details for using the service. It only takes a few seconds to get signed up, and after that you can begin using the service. Most VPN services ask you to verify your email before allowing you to access the resources. NordVPN does not, so you can get right into consuming media on your iPad, computer, or any other device you might have with you.


Once you’re in, you’ll see the dashboard where you can access the settings for your account. Here you’ll find information about your VPN connection, along with the ability to change your billing info and purchase additional features. The first thing you should do is click on the VPN tab to expand the settings for this feature. Within this section, you’ll see a list of all your active devices. This is where you can activate two-factor authentication if you’re using Google Authenticator or Authy to create a second verification method for your account. As you can see, I have two devices connected to my account: a laptop and an iPad.

From here you can change your billing info, toggle the logging for the service, or buy additional features. You can also use this screen to access the FAQs (frequently asked questions) for the service. As the name would suggest, the FAQs are frequently asked questions and answers about using the service. You may find the answers to your questions here. It’s also a good idea to research common issues before asking the FAQs, as you will only get one opportunity to ask each question.


With the VPN tab open, you’ll see a list of all the apps available for download from the iTunes App Store. These are the applications that work with your VPN service to provide you with content that is restricted by your location, ISP (Internet Service Provider), or both. To get started, simply click on the store icon to open the App Store on your device. This will then take you to the homescreen for the iTunes App Store. From here, you can search for and download any app you might want, including those for sale for cheaper than their usually cost.


The last section of the VPN tab details the security options for your account. This includes details about the encryption used for your VPN connection, the security of your payment info, and the server location. The first and most important thing you should do to secure your account is change your password regularly (at least every 30 days). Not only is this good practice for safe browsing, but it is also required by most sites, services, and applications you use regularly.

Another important step you can take to secure your account is changing your payment method to a better one. Most people use credit cards these days, and while it’s great that they’re widely accepted, they can still be a point of failure. The best option here is to use a combination of Bank Transfer and Bitcoin payments. When using Bitcoin, make sure the payment goes through as quickly and smoothly as possible. This will depend on the exchange rate at the time, so it’s best to look it up beforehand.


For as little as $2.49 / month, you can become a Sports, Movies, or Music fanatic and access hundreds of popular titles with no restrictions. For a limited time, you can also get 20% off any purchase at iTunes by using the coupon code BLACKOUT20 in the promotional section of the App Store.

NordVPN is a really good choice for people who want to stream content on the go. Being able to unblock content, especially at a high quality without any hiccups is great considering that VPN services are notorious for getting in the way of online content when used incorrectly. If you’re looking for a solid option without any major complaints, then NordVPN is a great choice. With their stellar 5-star rating on PCMag, it’s clear that their customers are very happy with the service.

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