Pia VPN Android: How to Disable Notifications on Android

Pia VPN is one of the best known VPN apps available for Android, with more than 500 million downloads globally. We rated it #2 on our list of top free Android apps as of November 2019.

One of the best things about this app is how the developers go the extra mile to ensure users can avoid being bothered by notifications. If you’re new to this platform or simply want to avoid distractions, you’ll be glad to know that Pia has thought of almost every situation you might encounter and has laid out a simple and straightforward strategy to help you stay informed of your favorite videos and Twitter posts while you work or study.

Using the VPN App

If you’ve used a VPN app before, the process will be very familiar. You’ll need to enter your login details and select a location. Once this is done, you can start using the app. On our iPad, iPhone, and Mac OS X platform, we found the login process to be very quick and straightforward. On Android, the process is somewhat slower, but not by much – at worst, it took us about five minutes to log in.

After you’ve logged in, the next step is to pick a location. As we were in Australia, we opted for the United States as our target location. When you select a location, you’ll be presented with a list of servers. You can either connect to the one closest to you or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can pick a distant server to send your traffic to. To keep things simple, we chose the former.

It’s important to note here that you don’t necessarily need to pick the closest server to you. The VPN app will work just as well if you pick a server located in a different country to you. This is because all the traffic will be routed through a central server. In our instance, all our traffic was being routed through the U.S. server. This was sufficient for our needs.

Using WhatsApp To Stay Informed

One of the best things about the Pia VPN Android app is how easy it is to stay in touch with your favorite creators, journalists, and other people you follow on social media. The best part about this is that you can do it all from the convenience of your phone. You can even set up WhatsApp to be delivered to your inbox as “read” messages. This allows you to easily stay informed of everything important – without being distracted by all the notifications that plague other apps.

Why Is Notification Distraction Inefficient On Android?

We believe that most people will agree that notifications are essential for keeping track of the notifications that you receive from various apps. However, as someone who uses their phone daily, it’s extremely frustrating when notifications start to pile up and clutter the screen. This is why we think that Android actually does a pretty good job at hiding notifications unless you really want to look at them. If you find yourself frequently distracted by notifications on Android, you should probably try out a different app. Some apps, including Pia VPN, do a better job at ensuring you never have to worry about notifications.

Keeping Your Phone Charged

We always like to keep our devices charged and plugged in so we can use them whenever we want. The same goes for using a VPN. The best VPN apps for Android know how to minimize battery consumption, allowing you to work or play on the go for a surprisingly long time. Pia has done a very good job at ensuring that their VPN app minimizes battery consumption. On our iPhone, we found this to be one of the best features of the app. You’ll notice that when you’re using it for the first time, you’ll need to set up the VPN before you begin your download. This is because the app will try to connect to a server that requires you to be online to set it up. Once you’re connected, you can continue your downloads as usual. You won’t need to worry about battery life as much because the app will use less data. If you’re worried about whether or not your phone will have enough battery life, you can set a custom warning about battery life and choose to continue anyway. We were able to use all the resources available to us without worrying about running out of power.

Limiting Access To Certain Sites

Even if you use a VPN app to securely connect to a restricted network like Facebook, Twitter, or Google, you should still be aware that these are the most popular networks among hackers. Because of this, we always recommend that users take extra precautions when using public Wi-Fi while connected to a VPN. If you’re going to be on the move and connecting to public Wi-Fi, you should disconnect from the VPN app when you log in to your social media accounts. Of course, you should always use strong, random passwords for these accounts and never use the same password for multiple accounts. Even with these precautions, we still see a lot of people falling victim to Wi-Fi attacks. If you want to keep your personal data and apps safe, we recommend using a VPN app. The additional layer of security it provides is much needed especially when using public Wi-Fi.

Protecting Your Privacy

One of the best aspects of the Pia VPN app is how it allows users to keep their personal data private. Since we reviewed the app, we haven’t been able to find a single instance of a third party accessing our personal data. The developers have done a great job at securing your personal information and ensuring that no one can access it but you. We tested this thoroughly by attempting to find our own personal details hidden by the app. Even with this extensive testing, we were unable to locate our data. This is a feature we really appreciate since it’s quite easy for apps to hack into other peoples’ databases and use our personal information for their own purposes. We believe that with more and more people opting for digital nomadship, the demand for privacy-respecting apps will only increase.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Phone

In the age of the smartphone, the limitations of using a traditional computer to access the internet have been exposed. While apps like Pia VPN provide a considerable advantage to users by offering a simplified way of connecting to restricted websites and services, they also have a habit of collecting more data than users realize. If you want to get the most out of your Android device, you should look for an app that minimizes the amount of data it collects. The fewer trackers an app has, the less information it is able to gather about you. This makes it more difficult for hackers to misuse your data since they don’t have enough sources to pull information off of. If you’re searching for a new phone because your existing one is too slow, this is the perfect opportunity to pick one up. They’re not that difficult to find and the selection is incredible. Just make sure you’re not falling into the hands of a scammer. While we couldn’t say with certainty that every single one of the 520 million downloads are fake, there are plenty of them out there. So, just be careful.

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