Why Should You Visit Croatia?

Croatia is located on the southeastern side of Europe. The country is known for its beautiful water and well-preserved castles. If you’ve always wanted to visit this part of Europe, then here’s your chance! In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the best reasons why you should visit Croatia.

The Country Is Vibrant

Although there are many similarities between Croatia and its bigger neighbor, Italy, the country is very different when it comes to traditions, food, and way of life. Traveling to Croatia is like stepping into a time machine, going back in history to when the country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The towns and cities still very much cling to their Austro-Hungarian heritage, including their architecture which you’ll find difficult to forget. When it comes to the food, you’ll notice that traditional dishes dominate the menus throughout the country. Modern twists are sometimes added to old favorites, but you’ll rarely find fast food restaurants due to its conservative culture. In 2019, Croatia had the honor of becoming the world’s 5th-largest digital nation. The internet technology company, TikTok, opened a Global Headquarters in the country, which now houses over 10,000 employees. This brings a lot of economic benefits to the country as well.

The People Are Friendly

Although tourism is a booming industry in Croatia, the country’s population is actually quite reserved when it comes to meeting new people. The majority of the population don’t even use social media, such as Facebook or Twitter. This, however, doesn’t mean that the people are uninterested in meeting new friends – especially since there’s a booming social media population in Croatia. During the day, you might come across people giving you a curious look as they try to strike up a conversation with you. Although most will probably avoid asking direct questions about the US elections, since this isn’t a normal subject to discuss, you will definitely have the chance to talk about other topics such as books, movies, or music. You might even find that some of the locals will end up becoming your new best friends!

Enjoy A Packed Calendar

If you’re looking for a country that doesn’t want to miss out on the chance to host visitors, then Croatia is the place for you. The country’s packed calendar is enough reason for you to visit, considering there are so many events and festivals that celebrate culture, art, and music. Some of the best events include the Zagreb Spring Festival, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the Osijek Jazz Festival, and the Ljubljana International Film Festival. The list goes on! If you visit during the summer, you’ll have the chance to swim with the peaceful sea creatures called the jellyfish. There are some serious conservationists who consider jellyfish to be vulnerable, so it’s important to be careful when handling them. Make sure to contact a reputable wildlife conservation center if you’re interested in interacting with these wonderful creatures. If you visit in the off-season, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean from terraces all over the country. One of the best spots for a quick retreat is the Kaštel Marija Croatian National Park. The largest of its kind in Europe, the park is made up of a 15th-century hilltop castle, the church, the Franciscan Monastery, and several galleries housing world-class exhibitions. You’ll find many hiking trails leading to stunning views over the Adriatic Sea – making this an ideal spot for a romantic getaway, or perhaps just a family vacation.

These are just some of the reasons why you should visit Croatia. We hope that our article has piqued your interest in traveling to this incredible country. Visit Croatia today, and begin to-do list which includes visiting all of the spots we’ve mentioned above.

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