What Happens If You Use Dopube VPN?

For those of you who haven’t heard of VPN, I feel you. It’s one of those tech things that seems obvious once you know about it but until you need it, you don’t realize how much it actually helps.

Let’s say you’re traveling and you want to use your laptop at a hotel or at an airport. You don’t want the hotel manager or the airport security person to see what you’re doing because it’s private. You want to keep your business meetings, browsing history, and personal emails secret. You could use your credit card at a coffee shop to purchase a VPN plan. However, you should know that not all VPNs are made equal.

In this article, I’ll tell you more about what happens when you use the VPN service Dopube. At the end, you’ll find a special offer for you to try out Dopube for free.

Key Facts About Dopube

Dopube is a Swiss company that was launched in 2010 and is officially headquartered in Zürich. They specialize in VPN software and security products, including a VPN app for iOS and Android devices, Mac OS X, and Windows. Dopube also offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server, which you can use to create your own network within which to securely access your connected devices. Finally, they offer a virtual desktop generator, which you can use to instantly set up a professional-looking desktop with all of the necessary software for various industries, such as business, financial services, and healthcare.

An Important Note About Swiss Server Locations

If you live in Europe, you’ll likely be familiar with Swiss Server locations, as they’re quite popular throughout the continent. Since 2011, Swiss Server locations have been offered through Amazon EU S3, which is an Amazon service that allows you to store your data in Europe. You can choose any country within the European Union, including Switzerland, and the service offers the same low prices as any other Amazon storage location. That means you can store all of your files on a server in, for example, Sweden, and access your data from anywhere in the world, since Amazon has datacenters all over Europe. This is a great option for businesses that need to conduct some of their activities in Europe but also need to access their data from locations outside of the continent, such as the U.S., China, or Japan.

Why Should You Try Out Dopube?

Dopube is one of the most popular VPN services, due mainly to its excellent privacy and security features. In fact, the service is so good that even the NSA (the U.S. National Security Agency) uses it. Why not try out the free version to see for yourself? You can download the app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Dopube is super easy to use. If you’re already familiar with VPN software, you’ll find that using Dopube is very similar to logging into your usual VPN service. However, it takes less than a minute to set up the app and get connected to the server. From there, it’s all private and secure data. You won’t find any third-party ads or banners, and since it’s a clean install, you don’t have to worry about your security or privacy being compromised. Plus, you can easily change the settings anytime you want through the app or web interface.

Another great thing about Dopube is that, since it’s a Swiss company, they adhere to the strictest standards of privacy and security. Let’s say you’re accessing a German website and the German government comes knocking at your door. They ask you to hand over your data, because it’s suspected that you’re a member of a right-wing extremist group. Since you use Dopube, it will be completely transparent to the German government that you’re not behind the computer accessing the German websites. Your personal data will be protected, and only the people you share it with, or permissioned users, will be able to access your information.

Dopube is also committed to supporting the open-source community, and they frequently contribute back to the open-source projects from which they take their code. They’ve even forked a few of these projects and created their own spin on them, which they then contribute back to the community. In addition, they offer an extensive FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on their website, which is a great place to look for answers to any questions you may have about using the service.

Why Should You Try Out the Free Version?

The main reason you should try out the free version of Dopube is to take advantage of the time-limited VPN certifications. What are VPN certifications? Think of them as extensions of your personal VPN identity that work for you, no matter which service you’re using. When you first download the free version, you’ll be prompted to create a user name and password. These will serve as the backbone of your VPN identity and allow you to quickly connect to any server you desire, without having to remember lengthy credentials. You can then use the free version for up to 30 days, after which time you’ll be prompted to purchase the DigitalOcean One plan or the Plus plan, if you decide to continue using the app.

What’s The Difference Between The Two Plans?

The main difference between the two plans is that the Plus plan gives you 2GB of bandwidth per month, in addition to the 1GB that you get with the DigitalOcean One plan. This bandwidth can be used for anything you want, whether it’s downloading videos or large files, or it can be applied towards your VPN subscription. Essentially, the more you pay, the more you get.

It’s important to note that you cannot use your 1GB or 2GB of free bandwidth each month for purchasing items from Amazon, as Amazon doesn’t allow this. But you can use the free bandwidth to subscribe to another VPN service or to continue using the one you’ve already purchased. Or, you can use the free bandwidth to purchase a domain name through any ccTLD (country code top-level domain) registry.

What Is The Cost Of The Plus Plan?

The cost of the Plus plan is $5 per month, in addition to the standard $15 per month cost of the DigitalOcean One plan. This cost is relatively insignificant, as you’re essentially getting a free domain with the Plus plan. Of course, you’ll need to purchase the VPN app, as well, which is $5 per month, regardless of the plan you choose. This is where you might want to consider budgeting a little extra, as you’ll need to buy the VPN app anyway.

What If You Don’t Use The VPN App?

Since you have to purchase the VPN app to use the service, it’s a good idea to try out the free version first, to see how the app works. If you decide that you don’t want to use the app, you can uninstall it from your phone or tablet, as there’s no cost associated with this.

However, you won’t be able to use the VPN services that you’ve purchased with the app. You’ll need to either continue paying for these services or find another way to secure your private data.

Is Storing Data In Germany Safe?

If you decide that you want to store data in Germany, where else can you host your files? You have two main options here, one of which is that you could use a hosting service that is physically located in Germany, or you could use a VPN to access your files from anywhere.

One of the biggest advantages of the latter is that you can remain secure and private, even though your data is stored in Germany. It’s important to note that if you go with this option, you will need to purchase a VPN plan that supports Germany. Some of the more popular VPN services that cover Germany are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark, to name a few. Fortunately, Dopube supports Berliner Polizei (Berlin Police), so if you’re storing any sensitive or private data in Germany, it would be wise to consider using Dopube. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide that the service is not for you, so you’re covered should anything happen.

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