What is the Difference Between Direct Assessment VPN and Direct Assessment VPN?

With COVID-19 restrictions lifted across the world, many are looking to return to work and normal lives. Remote work is becoming a common option, with many companies offering remote working from home. For those who choose to work remotely, they may want to consider the option of using a VPN to protect confidential data and keep their devices secure whilst at work. This article will highlight the differences between two popular VPNs, namely, Direct Assessment VPN and RingCentral VPN, which are both highly secure and trusted brands.

Top Reasons to Choose a VPN For Your Business

Based on the needs of businesses, these two VPN choices represent two different market segments. However, both offer strong security features as well as 24/7 customer support, which is particularly important for businesses that choose to work remotely.

Direct Assessment VPN

As the name suggests, Direct Assessment VPN is designed primarily for businesses that conduct business over the internet, such as online stores. It allows the company to see how customers interact with the website, allowing them to improve the site and service based on actual user behaviour.

This kind of VPN is usually installed on a company’s web server and is accessible by anyone within the company via a secured connection. This makes it ideal for those that work remotely, as they can connect to the VPN and access all the company’s resources, including emails, databases, and office applications. The only downside to this kind of VPN is the price, as it can cost thousands of dollars per year.

RingCentral VPN

The other popular choice amongst businesses is RingCentral VPN. This choice is ideal for those that need secure connections to connect to remote resources, including servers and other devices. This type of VPN is aimed at businesses and consumers that want a simple, cost-effective solution for establishing a secure connection, even if the individual needs to connect to a friend’s computer or device.

This type of VPN functions like a firewall and allows for the creation of private networks, so companies can ensure that only authorised users can access their resources. The best part about RingCentral VPN is that it is completely free for individuals, even though the company offers premium plans for businesses. This makes it accessible for everyone, regardless of budget.

Features That Make These VPNs Suitable For Businesses

Based on the needs of businesses, Direct Assessment VPN and RingCentral VPN each offer unique features that make them suitable for specific industries. Here are some of the key features that set these two VPNs apart:

  • Direct Assessment VPN offers strong end-to-end encryption and military-grade data security, along with 24/7 customer support. This makes it ideal for businesses that want to keep their data secure.
    • RingCentral VPN is equipped with advanced VPN technology and an array of useful features, such as a kill switch, dedicated IP, and a free domain. Moreover, the provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so businesses can try the product for free for 30 days and then decide whether or not to continue paying for the service.

Key Differences Between The Two

There are several key differences between Direct Assessment VPN and RingCentral VPN. These include but are not limited to price, setup, and the features available.

Key Benefits Of Using A VPN In 2021

It would be a missed opportunity not to mention the many benefits of using a VPN in 2021. Based on the requirements of today’s business world, VPNs are becoming a necessary tool for companies of all sizes.

Many businesses see the value in protecting their data and keeping their employees and customers safe during this time, with about 90% of businesses saying that they will be using VPNs in the next year, according to a recent survey from Vodafone.


Based on the needs of businesses and the current climate, Direct Assessment VPN and RingCentral VPN represent two different market segments. However, at this stage, both options are proving to be invaluable, especially for those that need secure connections to access sensitive data and collaborate with colleagues remotely.

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