What Is NordVPN and How Does It Work?

NordVPN is a virtual private network that provides ultra-high speeds for its users. The VPN provider is based out of Sweden, but has expanded to other European countries and the United States as well. NordVPN was previously known as NordVPN Inc., and the company launched in 2008. It now has headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, with representation in other countries as well. If you’re looking for a VPN that can take the stress out of online shopping, then you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get into it.

Features Of NordVPN

One of the reasons why NordVPN is such a popular choice among online shoppers is because of its commitment to privacy. The VPN provider was one of the first to offer no log or opt-out policy. In fact, it was one of the very first VPNs that offered a kill switch too. These are all features that you won’t find in most other VPNs. However, we should mention that some users have reported issues with slow speeds and data caps, mostly happening on free servers. Nevertheless, the good news is that you can try out the service for free for 30 days and if you’re not completely satisfied you can always cancel and get a refund. In case you’re wondering, you will not be able to use the free version to stream 4K videos or use services that require a premium account. So, if you’re looking for absolute privacy and speed, then this is the place to be! We’ll dive more into the product later, but let’s first examine some of its features.

No Logs

If you sign up for NordVPN, you’ll immediately be thrown into the welcoming arms of the service’s legendary no-log policy. Users will enjoy ultra-high speeds and unlimited data without worrying about their personal information getting tracked. The no-log policy makes it fairly easy for customers to remain untracked, even when they’re using NordVPN on public Wi-Fi or at an airport. This policy is actually pretty unique among VPNs, and it’s not something you’ll see in most other companies’ privacy policies. It’s as if NordVPN is daring the government to sue them over this policy. It’s quite likely that other VPNs will soon follow suit and adopt this practice too. This way, customers have a feeling of security and privacy too.

Unlimted Data

If you’re signed up for NordVPN’s standard plan, then you’ll receive an incredible amount of data for free. In fact, the service provides up to 500 Mbps of speed to customers, which is insanely fast! The catch is that this speed is only available when you’re using the service on a private network. If you attempt to connect to a public network or Wi-Fi, then you’ll only get around 100 Mbps of speed. Still, this is much faster than most people are currently getting on public networks. If you have a dedicated server at home, then this is the plan for you. The standard plan costs $7.99 per month and comes with a whopping 30 days of free service. You’ll also get a nice little bonus, when you activate the plan; you’ll receive a $2.95 Netflix account credit, which can be used to watch movies and TV shows, on the platform. So, if you can afford it, then the standard plan is highly recommended. But if speed is your number one priority, then the $2.95 credit might not be enough to make up for the limited data. In that case, you can try out the service’s Plus plan, which costs $12.45 per month and provides customers with unlimited data, plus an extra 200 Mbps of speed. This plan allows users to have a dedicated IP that can be used to browse the web privately and efficiently. The only downside to this plan is that you have to pay for the servers yourself.

Kill Switch

Another useful feature of NordVPN is its kill switch. This gives users the ability to quickly and easily disconnect from public networks and return to private networks, when needed. With most VPNs, this is a task that can be rather difficult and requires some technical know-how. However, with the kill switch, it’s as easy as connecting to a VPN, once, and then clicking a button to switch to the private network. Many people find this to be a useful feature, especially when traveling abroad. You can use NordVPN’s kill switch, even when you’re on a public network. Just make sure that you’re not sharing your IP address with anyone, or you might end up in a bit of a pickle. If you do share your IP address with a hacker or cyber criminal, then they might be able to access your personal information. So, as much as we’d like to see more providers adopt this policy, it’s not necessarily a good idea to do so. Still, this is one of the reasons why NordVPN is so popular—it gives users peace of mind, when using public networks. Most VPNs do not provide this feature, so it’s quite the unique offering!

Secure Connections

Another great thing about NordVPN is that it provides secure connections to its users. It uses strong encryption to protect their users’ personal information and keep it private. The best part is that they provide this security with the free version. Most VPNs require customers to upgrade to a premium plan in order to attain this level of security. This means that, even if you’re using the free version, your personal information still remains secure. You should always remember that no VPN is completely secure, and you should take the necessary precautions, when using public Wi-Fi or any other network, which isn’t secured. Still, for the most part, VPNs are considered to be quite secure, as long as you use the right servers and keep your account credentials safe. Also, make sure that you download the right firmware for your VPN server, to ensure the best possible performance. This way, you can rest assured that your personal information will remain private, and will not be misused by anyone.

Private Networking

NordVPN also offers private networking for users. This feature gives users the ability to establish private networks with their friends and family, for sharing files and media, and even streaming content, privately. This is an excellent option for users that want to remain completely anonymous. If you have a dedicated server at home, then this is the plan for you. The only downside is that you have to pay for the service yourself. This is also a fairly expensive option and requires a bit of a financial commitment. Still, if you have a strong need for privacy, then this is the option to consider.

Smart Select

Last but not least, we have Smart Select. This is NordVPN’s tool that allows them to automatically select the right server for users, based on their location, which network they’re on, and the speed they need. If you’re new to VPNs or if you frequently switch between networks, then this is the tool for you. Just remember that Smart Select can only be used for servers located in the United States, Canada, and several other countries. This is because North America and Australia use different IP addresses for their individual cities, which causes a bit of a conflict, when selecting servers automatically. If you want to use this feature, then you’ll have to choose a server manually, or let the tool do its job and pick the best server for your needs, based on your location. Once you’ve launched Smart Select, you can click the Configure button, to open the tool’s configuration page. Here, you can select the servers that you’d like to see as options, and untick the ones that you don’t need. Then, when you click the OK button, the selected servers will appear in the drop-down menu. You can then click the OK button again to save your settings. This is the simplest way to configure automatic server selection with NordVPN. In case you’re wondering, Smart Select only works for VPN servers, not for their desktop applications or Chrome extensions. This is mostly because the tool was specifically designed for use with VPNs, and not regular web surfing or other internet activities.

In closing, let’s take a quick look at some of our favorite things about NordVPN. First off, we have the fact that it’s a bit cheaper than most other VPNs on the market. Second, it has one of the best customer support teams we’ve ever encountered. They’re always available to help users, and are pretty quick to respond to messages as well. Lastly, the service offers some great extras, which other VPNs typically don’t provide.

Overall, this is a great VPN to have in your arsenal. It provides users with great speed and privacy, plus a ton of additional features, that most competitors don’t offer. Even if you currently don’t have a need for a VPN, then it’s definitely worth your consideration.

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