Best VPN for iPad: What to Look for

Apple launched its iPad mini tablet in late 2010 and since then it has become immensely popular. It surpassed all of its competitors in the tablet market and became the best-selling device globally. This success was mainly thanks to a great product that combined a beautiful display with an excellent user experience and an affordable price tag.

However, even though the iPad mini has a very slim bezel, it is still a tablet. And although a tablet can fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, it is still too big to be carried around all day long in a pocket. Fortunately, there are several great solutions to this problem. You can either use a smart case or a belt pouch to carry your iPad mini with you always. But no matter how you choose to carry it, the trade-off is that your tablet will always be a little less protected than when you put it in a case.

If you’ve ever tried using a VPN app for your iPad mini, you’ll know that they are not really designed for tablet use. Even on a laptop, the full keyboard and large display make it difficult to navigate with one hand while keeping the other hand on the device. And when you’re on the move, it’s even more impractical to use a conventional VPN app since you’ll either need to find a WiFi hotspot or purchase cellular data in advance.

Thankfully, there are several fantastic VPN apps specifically designed for the iPad mini. They offer an excellent user experience while offering great security because of their end-to-end encryption. And best of all, since they were built with the slimmest of bezels, there is no wasted space when you put down the tablet to browse the web or use it as a productivity device. And when you pick it back up, the display is still there and the device is still usable.

Features You Need To Look For In A VPN For iPad Mini

If you’re picking a VPN for your iPad mini, you need to make sure that it offers everything needed to give you an excellent user experience. Below we’ve outlined just a few of the features you need to look for in a VPN for the iPad mini.

No Lag

Just like with any other device, different vendors and service providers will have different speeds at which your connection will operate. Some VPNs for iPad can be a little slower than others when it comes to connecting to servers and checking your email. But, in general, they perform admirably well and there’s rarely any lag time when connecting or using the service. It’s a good idea to do some research and find the fastest VPN for iPad that suits your needs.


IPV6 stands for Internet Protocol Version 6 and offers increased privacy and security for your online data because it replaces the 4-byte IPv4 address with a 128-bit address. While most devices and service providers still support IPv4, IPv6 is already part of the standard network protocol and all new devices are equipped with native IPv6 capability. If your iPad mini has native IPv6 support, you’ll be able to take advantage of this and enjoy increased privacy and security when using public WiFi.


It’s essential that your chosen VPN offers a multi-platform option, meaning that you can use it from any device. If you have an iPad mini, you’ll be able to use the VPN app from anywhere. This is in comparison to a lot of the other VPNs we’ve tested where you need to have the app on each device. Having the app on your phone and tablet means that even when you’re on the move, you can continue to access your VPN whenever you need it. It also makes it easier to use the service since you can always just bring the app with you and log in when needed.

Paying And Billing

You’ll need to make sure that your chosen VPN offers both Android and iOS clients. You should also look for a VPN that handles payments and billing efficiently without any hiccups. Some VPNs can cause errors when making payments or give you the wrong billing information, especially if you use a credit card on file with them. It’s also beneficial if the vendor handles all the billing in the background without asking you to check your email periodically. This makes it easier to use the service since you won’t have to worry about any billing related issues once you sign up with the VPN.


It’s important that your chosen VPN is fully end-to-end encrypted, which means that all your data while online will be encrypted and unavailable to anyone else. End-to-end encryption also means that the vendor themselves cannot access your data, not even in case they’re breached. There are several different types of encryptions available, meaning that you’ll be able to find the right level of security for your needs.

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