What Is the Price of PureVPN?

If you’re looking for value for money then you need to opt for a paid VPN service. But, which one is right for you? That is the question.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the pricing of PureVPN so you can make the right choice for your personal situation. After reading this article, you will know what to look out for when comparing prices. You may also consider upgrading your VPN service after reading our guide.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Of The Free VPNs

Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat. Most free VPNs aren’t exactly what they seem to be. Just because a VPN service offers to give you free trials doesn’t mean those trials are actually free. They will often charge you at the end of the free trial for another price. Even worse, some free VPNs will keep you logged in even after you’ve unsubscribed. So not only will you be charged at the end of the trial, but you’ll also be connected to a tracker when using the app (and often while not using the app as well). This is why we always recommend paying for a VPN service instead of relying on a free one.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s move on to the benefits of paid VPNs.

Features You’ll Usually Get With A Paid VPN

One of the things you’ll notice when comparing the features of a paid VPN to those of a free one is that the paid one usually offers more. For example, the paid version of VyprVPN will give you the option of using their Smart Mode which automatically selects the best security protocol for your device and connects you to servers that are geographically close to you. You won’t get that with a free version of VyprVPN. Similarly, the paid versions of NordVPN and ExpressVPN offer you the option to access their Web sites from anywhere in the world which is something you won’t get with a free version.

We should also mention that some VPNs specialize in providing highly secure connections. You won’t find many free VPNs that can provide that level of privacy. The best paid ones can. So, if security is a concern and you need something that is extremely easy to use, then you may want to consider a free VPN.

Price Is Almost Always An Issue

Even the best VPNs have their price issue. If you want to save money then you will need to look for a cheaper option. But, you’ll need to be aware of the consequences of that. For example, if you go with a free version of VyprVPN, you’ll notice that the quality of the service isn’t as good. In fact, it often times doesn’t work at all. When that happens, it can be slightly frustrating since you’re usually charged at the end of the trial anyway. So it might be worth it just to have a good working VPN.

At the end of the day, price is always an issue when choosing a VPN. You can get the best VPN without paying a lot. But, you’ll need to decide whether that is worth it for you. If you’re someone who wants to keep their personal data secure, then you may want to consider spending a little more money.

Paid VPNs Offer Good Value

Looking for value for money is always a good idea when searching for a VPN. If you go with a free version of any of the popular VPNs, you’ll see that the value doesn’t always match the price you’re paying. For example, the popular NordVPN is currently offering a special deal where you can get their 4-year plan for only $2.95 per month. So if you’re looking for good value, then you may want to consider a paid VPN instead of a free one.

We should also mention that some people are able to get discount codes for paying for VPN services. So if you’re looking for a way to save money, then you may want to consider using a voucher code.

The Ugly

We are sure there are good reasons why some people would want to use a free VPN. But, there are also some bad reasons why you might want to avoid them. Here are some of the things you need to know about the bad side of free VPNs.

The first and most obvious reason why you should avoid using a free VPN is that you may be banned from certain locations. Many VPNs have a strict policy against allowing their servers to be accessed from certain places. So if you live in one of those places, you may find it difficult to use a VPN without getting banned.

Another reason why you shouldn’t use a free VPN is that not all of them are created equal. Some free VPNs will allow you to connect to their servers without any problems. But, you may find that the quality of the service is very poor when compared to a paid version. That poor quality may be due to any number of reasons. But, you should be aware that it exists and that you may encounter problems with a free VPN.

A free VPN will also keep adding you to their lists of subscribers even if you logout. So you’ll get a notification that says “You’re still connected” whenever you log back in. That is a bit intrusive and a major privacy breach. Also, some free VPNs will retain your IP address even after you’ve disconnected. Which is something that can’t happen with a paid service.

To conclude this portion of the article, let’s reiterate that price is almost always an issue when choosing a VPN. You can get the best value for your money with a paid VPN. But, you’ll need to decide whether that is worth it for you. If you’re someone who worries about the security of their personal data, then you may want to consider paying a little more to get a quality service.

So now that you know the good, the bad, and the ugly of the price of a VPN, you may be wondering which one is right for you. Let’s find out.

The Best VPN For You

So you’ve decided that you want to try out a VPN service. Great! But, which one should you opt for? There are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure you’re not being fooled by a scammer. One of the most common ways this happens is by scammers sending you fraudulent links to get you to click on them and give them your email address. If you end up on a site that is asking for your email address, then that is a scam. Simply exit the site and report it to the authorities.

Also, make sure you’re not being fooled by a fake review. Some scammers will create fake reviews that look authentic. So you need to be wary of reviews that seem too good to be true. They are often created by scammers to trick you into purchasing a product that you may end up hating. Take the time to find out more about a product by visiting their websites, looking up reviews on sites like Reddit, and contacting the company directly. Doing business with a company you didn’t find reliable is always a risky proposition.

Security Is A Concern?

If you’re someone who is extremely concerned about the security of their personal data, then you may want to consider looking for a VPN that offers a level of security that suits your needs. There are a few things you can do to make sure your data is safe.

First off, make sure the VPN you’re using offers full anonymity. That means no matter what kind of tracking device you have or don’t have, the VPN will make it appear as though you are somewhere else. Also, make sure the VPN you use offers a good level of security for all your devices (laptop, desktop, mobile). If any of those devices are stored or used on a network that can be accessed by external parties, then the security of those devices needs to be up to par as well. If any of your devices appear to be lacking in security, then that could be a red flag.

Paid Versions Usually Have More Features

If you’re going to spend money, then you may as well get something that is worth it. The best VPNs have all the necessary features for the average user. These include kill switches, multiple logins, and P2P support. If you use a VPN, then you don’t have to worry about your Internet connection being cut off if you get caught using a file sharing program like BitTorrent. Plus, VPNs will often provide you with a free lifetime subscription if you meet the right conditions. So if you use a VPN, then you can rest assured that you’ll always have a way to stay connected without fear of losing your Internet connection.

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