What Is a VPN Server or Connection and What Does It Do?

A VPN server, also known as a virtual private network (VPN) server, is a special-purpose appliance that connects one or more user devices to a remote network via a secure connection. A VPN server provides secure access to corporate resources such as remote files, intranet websites, and extranet content such as Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr, while also maintaining control over user device usage. Additional features of a VPN server may include firewall capabilities, VPN client support (Microsoft IPsec, L2TP, or PPTP), and content filtering. On the other end of the connection, a VPN client is a special-purpose application that establishes a secure connection to a VPN server in order to access resources over the network.

Features Of A VPN Server

A VPN server has several features that make it useful for corporate network administrators, including:

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