What VPN Should I Use to Stream Netflix?

If you’re an avid Netflix user, you know just how important it can be to have a solid streaming platform to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on. Since the streaming giant’s hit show, “The Matrix,” demonstrated how crucial it can be to have a VPN for Netflix, it’s clear that many consumers want to know which VPNs work best for streaming Netflix shows and movies.

To help inform the public regarding which VPNs are best suited for Netflix streaming, top tech publication, CNET, recently conducted a study involving more than 20 different VPN services. The study focused on Netflix support, reliability, speed, and security when connecting to the streaming service from a US location.

While all of the tested VPNs enabled users to stream Netflix, Surprisingly, none of the tested services were able to perfectly match all five metrics. In fact, some of the tested services, such as NordVPN, were able to satisfy four out of the five metrics.

Based on the results of the study, which VPN should you use to stream Netflix? Below we’ve compiled a list of the top five services that CNET’s test team recommends.

1. NordVPN

Amongst the five different VPNs that CNET tested, NordVPN continued to demonstrate the best overall performance when connecting to Netflix. In particular, the service was able to satisfy all five metrics that CNET’s testing team used to evaluate performance.

These metrics included security, reliability, speed, support, and price. However, one caveat that CNET notes is that NordVPN isn’t without faults. For example, users running into problems with logging in or accidental disconnects during use are experiencing problems. While these are fairly common among other VPNs, NordVPN’s sales team is currently working to address these issues.

2. ExpressVPN

Similar to NordVPN, ExpressVPN also satisfied all five metrics that CNET used to evaluate performance. However, ExpressVPN’s sales team is a little more upfront regarding the service’s problems. For example, in ExpressVPN’s case, the company openly acknowledges that some users are experiencing issues with logging in or connecting to the service accidentally. Nevertheless, ExpressVPN’s sales team is working to solve these problems and provide a satisfactory solution to all of their customers.

3. Private Internet Access

Another strong candidate for the best VPN for Netflix streaming is Private Internet Access. Not only does PIA satisfy all five metrics that CNET used to evaluate performance, but it also has a no logging privacy policy, which Netflix values highly. However, just like with NordVPN and ExpressVPN, PIA is subject to the occasional hiccup. For example, the service sometimes has connection issues or loses connection for a brief moment when accessing Netflix. Nevertheless, like its competitors, PIA’s sales team is working to improve their service in order to become the best VPN for Netflix streaming once again.

4. IPVanish

Although IPVanish isn’t free, it’s one of the top-rated and most recommended VPNs that CNET users frequently choose. Not only does the service satisfy all five metrics that CNET used to evaluate performance, but it’s also extremely affordable. In particular, IPVanish is one of the few VPNs that offer a free software client for the Mac, which makes it more affordable for users. These features alone may make IPVanish the best VPN for Netflix streaming for those who value value for their money.

5. PureVPN

Finally, we arrive at the least optimal VPN for Netflix streaming. Although PureVPN satisfies four of the five metrics that CNET used to evaluate performance, it doesn’t provide the best security or speed for connecting to Netflix. In particular, CNET tests revealed that the service’s security and speed were both significantly reduced when compared to the other tested services.

These results are likely due to  PureVPN’s unique selling point: an interest-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Since Netflix doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee if you cancel within the first 30 days, this unique feature may draw in customers who are looking for an unlikely bargain. However, just like with NordVPN and ExpressVPN, PureVPN’s sales team is working to fix the problems that CNET’s testing team uncovered.

Which VPN Should You Use?

With CNET’s study establishing which VPNs are the best for Netflix streaming, it’s clear that many consumers want to know which one to choose. Based on CNET’s study, which VPN should you use to stream Netflix? If you value reliability the most, and security is the second most important factor, then consider NordVPN. If value is the primary concern and you want to keep your personal data private, then ExpressVPN is the best option. If security is your top priority and speed is the second, then choose IPVanish. If you’re looking for a reliable option that supports BitTorrent sharing, then consider Private Internet Access. And if you like the idea of an interest-free 30-day money-back guarantee, then probably choose PureVPN. Ultimately, choosing a VPN for Netflix streaming is a matter of personal preference. What’s important is that you choose one that you can rely on when streaming Netflix shows and movies.

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