Why Do You Need a VPN?

The internet has changed the way we live and do business. Suddenly, the walls between our offices and our homes no longer protect us from the dangers of the digital world. Distracted by our smartphones, overwhelmed by the amount of information available online, and blinded by the glory of the screen, we’ve become vulnerable to digital risks.

It takes only one click for hackers to breach our cyber security and ruin our personal and professional data. As the owner of a business, there are countless risks that you need to protect against, whether your clients, employees, or your own customer’s data. VPNs let you do that.

Risk-Free And Anonymized Web Browsing

When browsing the web, whether it’s from your smartphone or personal computer, you’re usually connected to your corporate network, shielding all the websites that you visit from eavesdroppers and hackers. But what happens when you want to visit a site that’s not on your allowed list?

Unless you pay for a premium VPN plan, you’ll be unable to access these sites. Either the provider will drop your connection, or worse, they’ll hand over your personal details to the third party that you’re trying to avoid. Even worse, they might even collect and sell your personal data to the highest bidder. This is why you need a VPN. To browse the web anonymously, and be completely secure in doing so.

Additionally, when you’re connected to a VPN, your web traffic is encrypted. This not only prevents eavesdroppers from listening in, but it also scrambles your IP address, ensuring that you can’t be identified by your ISP (internet service provider). When someone sniffs out your encryption key or discovers your identity, your internet connection will be suspended (and you’ll be dropped by the VPN provider).

Increased Productivity And Better Work-Life Balance

Productivity is undoubtedly increasing due to the convenience of modern life. We have these devices called ‘smartphones’ that allow us to manage our daily tasks from anywhere. Suddenly, working from home is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Due to the increase in mobile working, remote working, and freelance work, there’s a huge demand for VPNs that enable you to connect securely while working, particularly when traveling internationally. Being able to connect to a VPN while in another country prevents you from being detained or harassed by American authorities, giving you peace of mind when traveling.

The benefits of being able to work remotely extend beyond travel. Many businessmen and women (particularly in the tech world) enjoy the flexibility and reduced commute times that bring. Being able to work remotely means you can fit work around your lifestyle and enjoy a better work-life balance. If you’re serious about work-life balance, you might want to look into a VPN that supports business hours.

More Secure And Private Communication

Whether you’re ordering a coffee, searching for a restaurant near you, or chatting with friends online, you’re usually protected by your own corporate network, shielding all communication from prying eyes. But what happens when you want to speak to someone in confidence?

For instance, imagine you’re having an intimate conversation with your partner and don’t want your parents, or any other network users, to hear you. You might want to drop the curtain and create a private space on your device where only the two of you can speak. With the right VPN, this is easier than you’d think. All you need is the appropriate protocol (typically referred to as ‘encryption’ by those who know their way around computers), and you can achieve a secure and private connection to someone else’s computer. Just make sure that you don’t share any of your personal details with the company that you’re connecting to for business purposes.

There are countless situations where you might want to keep your internet connection private and secure. VPNs make that easier to do, so you can focus on getting your job done rather than worrying about security.

Avoid Malvertising, Phishing, And Identity Theft

As the owner of a business, you’re probably already well aware of the risks associated with falling victim to phishing. If you receive an email or download a file from someone you don’t know, particularly if it’s come from outside of your regular communication channels, you should probably assume that it’s a scam. These days, even reputable companies spoof their emails to look like they’re coming from a trusted source. As the owner of a business, you’re likely a target for these scams because they know you have money to spend, and they want to trick you into giving them your personal data.

Additionally, when you’re connected to the internet, it’s easy for hackers to intercept your data as it’s traveling from your device to a website. Malvertising, or illegal advertising, is another way that hackers can trick you into giving them personal data and costing you money. The malware included in these ads can be very harmful, particularly if it’s been designed to look like it’s from a reputable company. Just remember: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Why would anyone want to steal your personal data? Usually, it’s for financial gain. Identity theft is a huge problem, and it’s estimated that 10 million Americans are victims of some form of identity theft every year.

The benefits of avoiding these risks is that you can stay safe and secure while doing your daily activities online. With the proper VPN, all of your personal and financial information is safe and completely hidden from prying eyes. So, if you’re serious about staying private and protected while online, a VPN is a great choice. At the very least, it can help protect you against threats such as phishing and malvertising.

Protect All Your Devices And Laptops/PCs

If you own a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you know that it’s not safe to surf the web without a VPN. When you’re outside of your home, or when you’re using a public computer, your personal data could be at risk. Hackers could steal your personal information, or worse, they could damage your device, leaving you unable to do your job. Protecting your devices and laptops/PCs from being hacked is one of the chief benefits of a VPN. Ensure that only you can access the data on each device, and create untarnished work environments wherever you go.

Creating an environment where only you can access data is vital. Even if you only have a home computer, it still needs to be protected. And although you might only use a smartphone for internet access, that doesn’t mean it’s not important that it be safe. Just because you don’t need to secure your smartphone doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be protected. With the proper setup, even your most basic mobile phone can be a secure device.

Protect All The Things

Besides protecting your devices and data, you can also use a VPN to secure all the things in your home. Your DSL modem, cable, wireless router, and even your voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone all need protecting against eavesdroppers and hackers. To truly keep your communications private, you need to ensure that no one can listen in on your calls, or read your emails, whether they’re sent from your home computer or mobile device. A VPN accomplishes this by encrypting all your traffic, scrambling your IP address, and ensuring that your communications remain private. When you use a VPN, all the devices in your home can work together to ensure that your internet connection is always secure and private, even when you’re away from your home network.

While the internet has great benefits, it’s also a dangerous place, particularly when you’re not protected. Make sure that you do your research before you connect to a VPN, so you know what to expect. And always remember: unless you pay for ultra-secure VPN services, you might not be able to protect yourself against all the risks that the internet poses. A VPN can help, but it’s not a perfect solution.

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