Why Doesn’t My NordVPN Open on My Computer?

NordVPN is a popular choice among people seeking a VPN service, with many positive reviews. But for some reason, the VPN doesn’t always work on all computers. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to use a VPN to watch videos or use certain websites, and it keeps timing out or just doesn’t open at all. So if you’re wondering why your NordVPN doesn’t open on your computer, read on.

Supported Devices

NordVPN supports a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, and even some tablets. But not all devices are created equal, and you should know what capabilities your specific device has before you buy it. Fortunately, NordVPN provides a good overview of the devices they officially support on their website, so you can easily determine whether or not the product is right for you. If your device is listed, you know it’ll be okay to use the VPN with it.

Security And Privacy

One of the biggest selling points of a VPN is that it provides security and privacy to your devices. When you use a VPN, all of your internet traffic is encrypted, so people outside of your Wi-Fi network (ie, your internet service provider (ISP)) can’t see what you’re doing online. This encryption prevents hackers from stealing your personal data, as well as government bodies from spying on you.

To give you peace of mind while using your VPN, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, customers are encouraged to submit their feedback regarding the service, which is then reviewed by a customer support team. In the event you have a problem with your VPN, the team will work with you to promptly fix the issue.

NordVPN also offers a “no log” policy, which prohibits the keeping of any user activity logs. Moreover, the company claims to never share any of your personal data with any third party. In other words, they guarantee your privacy.

Customer Support And Downloads

Another major selling point of a VPN is the availability of customer support. Most companies provide either self-help forums or live chat on their website to ensure that any questions you may have are answered in a quick and effective manner. In addition, many companies offer software downloads for free, which can help you get the most out of your device with the least amount of effort possible. The more convenient and accessible the software, the more likely you are to use it and gain value from it.

NordVPN takes customer support to a whole new level by providing a toll-free phone number on their website and signing up for an email support ticketing system, which is then delivered via email.

When you compare these elements of customer support to traditional customer services (ie, live chat or self-help forums), you’ll see a striking difference. Anecdotally, many customers have noted that the customer support provided by NordVPN is amongst the best they’ve ever experienced. In some cases, the difference in support quality is so great that it justifies the additional cost of a VPN subscription over a no-VPN subscription.

Choosing A VPN

It’s important to do your research before you buy any type of device, especially if you’re searching for a VPN. As we mentioned above, not all devices are created equal, and you should know exactly what kind of performance you can expect before committing to a purchase. Moreover, by reading reviews or talking to other customers, you can get an idea of how efficient the service is and whether or not it’s worth the money.


To be completely honest, we weren’t exactly sure what kind of article this was going to be when we started writing it. But after doing some research, we’ve decided that it’s best to provide an overview of why and how a VPN works, as well as a list of the top factors you should check before purchasing one.

To start, VPNs encrypt all of your traffic, making it highly secure and private. Moreover, by using a VPN you’re increasing your device’s productivity by circumventing restricted websites and allowing secure, private communications online. In addition to security and productivity perks, many customers have noted that using a VPN is also satisfying because all of your internet traffic is encrypted, meaning that you can’t be tracked online. Plus, with a VPN you get to decide what kind of data you want to share and with whom. For these reasons and more, we think that a VPN is a highly effective tool for everyone, especially businesses and individuals looking for extra privacy and security online.

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