Why is Popcorn Time Making Me Use Their VPN?

The news broke this week that popular video streaming service Popcorn Time had been compromised. Hackers reportedly installed malware on some of its clients’ personal computers (PCs) that enabled them to capture login credentials and install keyloggers. While this is bad news, it’s not as serious as it could have been. If you use Popcorn Time, you should know that it’s not a safe platform to use, especially if you’re not worried about your personal data going public. Here’s why.

It’s Widely Recognized As One Of The Most Insecure Services

Security experts have long stated that Popcorn Time is not safe to use. The app’s developers, Emby, have even specifically stated that their product is not intended to be safe and that it was built for entertainment purposes only. Furthermore, they advised users to avoid using Popcorn Time if they’re worried about their personal security. Despite this, the service has amassed a sizable user base, particularly in the developing world, where network speeds and digital literacy are the most highly prioritized.

It’s Not Supported By Most Major Media Players

It is widely reported that Popcorn Time is not supported by most major media companies, including Hollywood studios and Netflix. This means that you’ll almost certainly encounter issues playing content from these prominent brands on the platform. Furthermore, some of their studios have gone so far as to ban the service altogether. This is why you may encounter errors when trying to play content from these sources on Popcorn Time.

It’s A Free VPN For Limited Use

For those seeking privacy and security while using Popcorn Time, the service offers Free VPN, which provides limited encryption and no logging. This type of VPN is more suitable for use with the service during brief moments of leisure than for extended online tasks, such as work or school. Free VPN is ideal for using Popcorn Time for the occasional video watching session, but you should know that you’re not supposed to use it for extended periods.

If You Use It, You’re Probably Going To Encounter Issues

If you’re planning to use Popcorn Time, it’s likely that you’ll encounter issues. The service is far from perfect, and it has many known quirks, bugs, and incompatibilities with other software and operating systems. It also relies on ad-blocking software and user-generated content to function, which means that they’re vulnerable to fraud and disruption from third parties. To top it off, the service is extremely popular, which makes it a primary target for hackers.

It’s Probably Not Worth It If You’re Looking For One Specific Feature

It’s important to keep in mind that not all features of the service are created equal. The convenience of instant video playback and bulk downloads for those seeking to keep up with the streaming community are important features, but they come at a price. If you’re not planning on using these features, it’s probably not worth it to get excited about Popcorn Time.

It’s Not Worth It If You’re Seeking A VPN For Extended Use

It’s often said that you get what you pay for, and this is certainly true when it comes to VPNs. If you’re planning on using Popcorn Time for extended periods, it’s probably not worth it to get a VPN. The service is not intended to be used for security purposes while working remotely, for example, and many users have had trouble keeping their identities secure while using this app. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t expect top-notch security when using a VPN for Popcorn Time

It’s Not Intended For Serious Use

As stated by Emby, the developers of Popcorn Time, the product is not intended for security purposes. This means that you shouldn’t use it for high-value transactions, keep financial information on it, or use it for critical online tasks, like work or school. If this is important to you, there are other safe and secured options out there that you can try.

It’s Not Safe To Use If You Want To Keep Your Personal Data Private

If you’re using Popcorn Time, you’re putting your personal data at risk. This is true no matter where you are, but it’s especially important to keep in mind that you’re violating the Terms of Service (TOS) when using the service. The TOS state that you agree to risk your personal data and claim that your data will be made available to the public if you breach any of the Terms of Service.

It Has Terrible User Experience Issues

It’s important to keep in mind that even though Popcorn Time is widely recognized as one of the most-insecure services, the product is still in its early stages. The software and the user experience, however, are quite fragmented. If you’re planning to use the service, you’ll encounter many bugs and glitches. Some users have even said that it’s better to avoid the service if you want to have a pleasant user experience.

It’s Not Regarded As An Authentic Streaming Platform

While the service has gained popularity because of its convenience, it’s not clear that its developers genuinely want it to be used as a video streaming platform. It’s often compared to Hulu, but there’s a big difference. First of all, Hulu is generally considered to be a safe and secure video streaming service, as it’s built on top of the Tube platform, which is itself considered to be one of the safer and more secure web applications. When Hulu launched in 2011, the company touted that it would “revolutionize video consumption” by offering a “safe and entertaining” environment. This is why many people still use Hulu even though it’s years since the service was originally founded.

Not so with Popcorn Time. According to the service, it’s a “video platform that connects you to a world of movies and TV shows,” but, as noted by experts, this is far from true. The software is quite basic and primitive, offering just enough functionality to get by, but not much more.

It Relies On User Generated Content For Functionality

While it’s great to have mass instant video downloads available via bulk downloads for those seeking to keep up with the streaming community, it comes with the risk of an ever-changing landscape. The advantage of this method is that content is updated frequently, which means that you’ll always have something new to watch. The disadvantage is that it’s vulnerable to changes from third parties, which may influence the functionality or even the appearance of the service. For example, when YouTube redesigned its own video platform, Vevo, many of its features, such as the ability to comment on videos, disappeared from Vevo because YouTube wanted it to be a “parallel platform” for its users. In other words, YouTube wanted users to be able to access the same content, no matter what platform they used.

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